5 Common Exercise Mistakes

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5 Common Exercise Mistakes

Striving to achieve fitness and ideal weight is the ultimate goal but sometimes not easy to attain. Only because we commit 5 common exercise mistakes that hold us back.

1. Training too much.

Too much training could be doing you more harm than good. You don’t need to spend hours training a day to get results. Learn to be efficient with your time, and train smart. Train hard on hard days and recover on easy days.

2. Doing the wrong type of exercise for your body type.

Everybody is different, different genetics, lifestyles, hormones and goals, which means we all respond to different exercises and nutrition. For example, if you a person who stresses and tends to hold weight around your mid section, high intensity interval training will be more effective that long endurance type exercise.

3. Training muscles not movement.

Want to get results and real fast too? Train full body movements that use a lot of energy, like picking up, pulling or pushing heavy objects. Not only will you shed those unwanted kilos but you will also increase your strength.

4. Training strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

Challenge yourself and try different exercises. We all tend to want to do things we’re good at but if we don’t challenge our bodies we’ll end up having weak bodies vulnerable to injuries.

5. Trying to out-train a bad diet.

Unless you are blessed with a natural high metabolism, it really doesn’t matter how much exercise you do unless you pay careful attention to what you eat. When they say that we are what we eat, they are right!


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