5 exercises that will improve men’s sex life.

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5 exercises that will improve men’s sex life.

Get exercising gentlemen! Regular exercise could be the best medicine for a man to improve his sex life. Who needs Viagra when you can achieve better results with exercise, look better and suffer no side effects?

Working out three to four times a week can help your sexual technique, flexibility and endurance.

Let’s then take a look at the 5 types of exercises that will improve men’s sex life:

1.    Weight lifting

Weight lifting causes the body to produce testosterone, which is the primary precursor for the male sex drive. To improve your sex life, do some push ups, sit-ups and crunches. These muscle-building exercises can help lead to better sex by strengthening the shoulders, chest and abs. Strong upper body strength can increase stamina since these muscles are used during intercourse.

2.    Kegels

Doing kegels is a good sex exercise for men because these exercises can help endurance and control by toning the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles – muscles responsible to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. Doing Kegels strengthens the muscles in your body’s pelvic floor, which can lead to better sex. Men can use kegels to delay ejaculation by contracting these muscles just before orgasm.

3.    Yoga

Want to impress your lady with a few new positions? Practicing yoga will allow you to be more flexible and get into new positions for maximum pleasure. Yoga can also help improve your stamina in the sack.

4.    Fast Walking

Studies have found that an aerobic exercise that burns at least 200 calories per day can significantly lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). Brisk walking is believed to help ED by improving circulation and blood flow, which results in stronger and longer erections.

5.    Swimming

Sex is an act of endurance and swimming long distance can improve your endurance. Swimming at least 30 minutes three times a week will increase sexual endurance.

Try some of the exercises above and you will be delighted to see the positive impact it will have in your sex life. Your lady will be impressed with your new sexual prowess and powers, and as an added benefit, you become healthier and fitter, therefore looking better and having better sex.


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