5 Practical Ways on How to Travel on a Budget

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5 Practical Ways on How to Travel on a Budget

We all want to travel, but our financial situation often leaves us wondering if we can afford a vacation. There are many things we’d like to splurge on during a “luxurious” trip—shopping, food, activities. However, all of this often means we’ll exceed our travel budget. But travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here are 5 tips on how we can travel on a budget.

1. Save on Flights

If you plan your trips ahead, at least 6 months in advance, you can take advantage of promo fares. Sign up for airline newsletters; get updates on deals via Facebook and Twitter. It’s cheaper to travel on weekdays rather than weekends. Direct flights are usually cheaper than nonstop flights, particularly if you are flying long haul.

2. Travel Overland

Travelling slowly by taking overland transportation may not be the most comfortable or convenient option, but it is one of the cheapest and most intimate ways. Imagine getting on a bike and cycling through historical sites, or what about riding a train and experiencing a classical way of commute. When travelling, sometimes we must take our time, breathe in, and make the most out of every second.

3. Skip Hotels

Instead of always staying at expensive hotels, try alternatives like hostels and AirBnB places. Not only are you helping support homeowners, but you also won’t have to overspend, especially if you’re only staying a few nights. You’ll spend most of your time outdoors anyway. Another affordable and more convenient option is to rent apartments or condo units if you’re travelling with a group. You can choose a place with a kitchen, so you don’t have to eat out all the time—another way to stretch your budget!

4. Try Local Food

A big portion of your travel fund will go to food. So how can you eat well without going broke? Ask the locals for cheap, authentic recommendations. Usually, if a place is packed, the food is good and inexpensive. Be open to trying local delicacies not just because it’s your cheapest option, it’s also a major part of the travel experience. Visit local night markets and try good, affordable street food.

5. Keep Track of Spending

Bring a small notebook and list down your daily expenses. Write down everything you spend on, like transportation costs, accommodations, food and even small things like drinks or laundry expenses. It gives you visibility where your money goes so you know what to cut down on. Beware of budget stealers likes unnecessary shopping and excessive partying. If it’s too much trouble for you to write on pen and paper, there are also expense apps you can install on your phone.

You can make the most out of your travels without blowing your funds. Just make sure to plan properly and stick to your budget.

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