5 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor

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5 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor

When you are feeling unwell, feverish or going down with a bad cold, wouldn’t you want your first call to be to a doctor who knows you and cares for you? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having a family doctor. Let’s see what other great reasons there are for you get your own.

They have been following you for years

5 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor

A family doctor has been following you since you have been a kid. They know each broken bone and cut. They have been there when you had the measles and again to help you fight the common cold. The benefits is that they are familiar with your whole medical history which enables them to make educated decisions on the direction they want to go in when it comes to your treatment. In addition they are familiar with your reactions to certain types of medication and are competent to decide which ones to administer on the spot.

They are there when you need them

In those cases when you are unable to go to the local clinic or contact the on call GP, your reliable home doctor can come to you and help ease any issue you are facing. They are your first line of defense and they will be there for you as soon as possible. Knowing that you have someone like that just a phone call away can really ease your mind.

They are your go-to person

In cases where your illness or injury is quite serious and requires a specialists, your family doctor can make the right recommendation. It is because they know you and the state of your health that they can make the best possible choice for you. And since you already trust them, the transition will be easier as they will be with you every step of the way.

They have a more holistic approach

5 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor

Your family doctor doesn’t only treat the disease they approach the whole situation from multiple angles. They take into consideration your family situation, work stress and the entire families’ disease history. This gives them a more accurate view of what might be the issues and what would be the best course of treatment. An at times it can be as simple as ordering your family to make you stay in bed for a couple of days, other times they might need to get you to the hospital, but who better to explain your situation to the medical staff then your own personal physician.

They can save you money in the long run

Your home doctor knows you personally and thus can make sure you don’t skip on your yearly physicals. That way they can see if there are some major changes happening to your body. This enables a faster reaction time and lessens the chances of long-term treatments which in return puts the money back into your pocket. The calculation is simple, by having a family doctor who will perform a regular yearly physical check on you and your family you are investing in a healthy, medical bills fee future.

So it is as simple as that, having a family doctor isn’t a luxury it is a necessity.


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