7 Things You Must Consider When Shipping Jewelry

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7 Things You Must Consider When Shipping Jewelry

Finding a reliable way to ship your products to your customers is never an easy task for a business owner, but it gets even harder when that product is high in value. Jewellery has been on the top of the list for thieves and opportunistic workers in courier service because it is usually petite, but very expensive.

Many jewellers and those who work in jewellery retail, especially the ones who sell online, are thinking long and hard about the shipment of their goods. Finding the right shipment provider can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to the next seven things, no matter how much you trust your chosen courier company. & things you must consider when shipping jewellery.

1. Full-Value Insurance for High-Value Items

The first rule of high-value shipping is ‘’always pay for the insurance’’. Do not rely on carrier liability when shipping high-value jewellery to your customers, because in most cases the maximum amount will not cover what you lost. The process of proving that displaced or damaged cargo was indeed the liability of the shipping company is long, tiring, and often does not end in the sender’s favour.

Getting cargo insurance is something many professional carriers offer when shipping cargo that is high in value. Companies that provide logistics services during shipment, such as Unival Logistics, offer insurance for the value, and not for size or weight, so you could be sure that you would be reimbursed in case of some misfortune. This is very important when you ship jewellery because the weight and the value certainly do not correspond.

2. Tight Packaging

Pink shredded paper stuffing cardboard box.

When packing your precious stones, jewels and jewellery it is important to keep in mind that as soon as they become cargo, they will be exposed to similar conditions as, say, a hairdryer or a shirt. They could be tossed or put under other packages, they can be exposed to rain or flood, or even fire.

Firstly, if you work with a company that is experienced with high-end cargo, the chances of this happening are much smaller. Secondly, either way, you need to pack it tightly and in the right materials. Ideally, you would pack your product in a small, but sturdy jewellery box, then surround it with wrapping paper and bubble wrap and package it into a bigger box.

3. Subtle Packaging

Jewels and gold coins

Keep in mind that larger packages are less likely to get lost or stolen. Do not put your products into something that implies the true content of the cargo. It should not stand out, it should not be easy to put into a pocket and it should not look too ‘’fancy’’.

Inside the initial box, you can put the nice packaging. This way you are making it less obvious that you are shipping jewellery, plus it could be exciting for your customers to have an unboxing moment with their bundle.

4. Shipment Tracking

When you send your cargo off into the unknown, you don’t know what happens to it until it arrives (or doesn’t) to your customer. On that journey, anything can happen and sometimes it can be too late to stop or report some mishappening. That is why some serious shipment companies offer shipment tracking, which follows your product from the moment you hand it over until your customer picks it up.

Multiple software provides tracking services, but the standard ones use the barcode system. The barcode system requires that each cargo is marked with a unique barcode, that can be scanned at every checkpoint of the journey. This way both you and your customer can locate the bundle. In case the package gets stuck between two checkpoints for some time, you can notify the courier and find out what is going on sooner. 

Shipment tracking is also good for your business – it keeps your reputation safe and it increases the productivity of your sales representatives and customer service workers. This way your business is safeguarded by the shipment tracking software.

Tracking a cargo does not only mean tracking its location, but also the state it is in and the conditions of its surroundings. Of course, this is not always necessary, but when sending some sensitive products, you usually pay the service of dealing with it carefully. By tracking the state of your cargo, you can make sure that the company is taking care of it properly.

5. Require the Signature upon Delivery

Contactless delivery may have some upsides to it, but when sending high-end jewellery make sure that your shipment will not be left on the front porch. The transfer of your product should end with the signature of the person who ordered it or an authorized representative.

A survey contained in the US showed that more than 200 million bundles disappeared from the receiver’s front porches in 2021. Sometimes your customer will not be at home or the office when the package arrives, it does not mean that the courier should leave it high and dry to the will of fate and local thieves.

6. Safety During the Transport

box with rings

This item refers to picking a logistic company or a courier company that will make sure your bundles are safe at all times of transportation. This is very important when you realize that courier companies have been having a lot of problems with bundles falling off of ships that are stacked with full capacity. 

Even before the start of the pandemic eCommerce has been taking a toll on companies that offer transportation services. Since there is so much work, the chances of an incident have been increased. Having a courier that you trust will put you at ease.

7. Pricing – Is It Worth It?

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Before you decide on any company, always shop around and check for the competition. It is always better to pay a little extra, and have an amazing, comprehensive service, especially when dealing with jewellery. When one package gets lost or damaged you are looking at the money going down the drain – from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars lost.

Negotiate the deal, but do not negotiate on the safety of your jewels and jewellery. When picking your courier bear in mind all items mentioned above and request the best service they can offer you.

Protect Your Product and Your Reputation

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By requesting the best possible service you are making sure to do everything in your power to protect your product and your business. Jewellery has a high value, both material and emotional, so you are working in an industry that helps people create memories and bonds.

If you don’t make sure to protect your product, it is not only money that you can lose. You can also expect to lose the trust of your customers. And that trust should not have a price.

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