7 Ways To Optimise Your Weight-Loss Process 

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7 Ways To Optimise Your Weight-Loss Process

Losing weight can be very beneficial to your health and wellbeing, but often challenging one. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to being overweight. Which can hinder your daily life and start the onset of many health problems. For many people, losing weight is a big part of their journey to health.  It’s good to remember that weight loss can vary from person to person, and you should not compare your journey to someone else’s. Each body is different, so is the weight loss process. Fortunately, there are ways to optimise your weight loss journey. Read on to see our advice on the 7 ways to optimise your weight-loss process.

1. Create a Plan

Your weight loss journey is not usually executed by chance. Most often, you will need a solid plan to take the most advantage of your meals and exercise. It will help you stay on the path and be focused on the end goal. Remember, losing a significant amount of weight takes time and dedication, so you will need a lot of patience. 

2. Look at a Bigger Picture

Patience is a virtue here. It also means you will need to look at the bigger picture. Weight loss doesn’t occur in a day, so checking your weight and measurements every single day won’t show you the true result, and you will only feel frustrated. If you hit a wall in the process, you can change your plan, so don’t lose hope.

3. Be Consistent

Losing weight means being consistent with your plan. If you skip meals or exercise, you will only increase the time you need to lose weight. Be consistent with smaller meals every few hours, and exercising a couple of times a week, or even more if needed. An easy to follow the schedule will help you be consistent and accountable.

4. Drink Water

Hydration is key for good health. Many of us walk around severely dehydrated. Our bodies consist of almost 70% water, so water is our life force. Not drinking enough water and other adequate fluids can leave us dehydrated and even hungry. Dehydration slows down your metabolism, muscle recovery, and disrupts your sleep and many other vital processes. It also affects your weight loss journey. You will need at least eight glasses of water, and even more, depending on your activity level.

5. Eat Proper Meals

To function properly, our body needs healthy food and balanced meals. Every meal should have a balance of proteins, healthy fats, and fibre. A healthy meal isn’t scarce in calories. You need calories so your body can function properly and burn fat while exercising. Calories are just fuel for your body. A normal calorie number for a day is around 2000-2500 calories. You will need more if you exercise regularly. Don’t skip meals to try to slim down, as it will only slow down your metabolism and give you health problems.

6. Protein and Fat Intake

Muscles and the body in general consist of proteins, fat and fibres. You need a sufficient amount of protein in your diet to build muscles and reduce fat. You can find healthy fats in fish like salmon, avocado, nuts, and olive oil. Healthy fats are also a requirement to absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K. Proteins build muscles, so you will have to eat food high in protein, and that is meat. Your nearest butcher shop is a great place to start to find lean protein meat.

7. Sleep for Weight-Loss

For a healthy life, sleep is a big requirement. Sleep affects hormones that regulate hunger, so if you sleep less than five hours, your body will be imbalanced in need of food. Sleep is also key for muscle recovery and build. Sleeping for at least eight hours every night will help your muscles recover and grow. Good sleep helps our mental state, which is important for weight loss too.

Besides this advice, it’s great to have a good attitude towards your body and weight loss. Keeping your spirits up will give you the motivation to continue your journey every day. Remember, even if you slip or make a “mistake”, just get back up again and try your best.


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