8 Stunning Ways to Rock a Maxi Dress

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8 Stunning Ways to Rock a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the solution for anyone who’s ever cursed the confines of restrictive women’s attire. If you haven’t already, throw out your spanks and embrace the figure-loving freedom and amazing versatility afforded by this miraculous style.


Here are 8 wonderful ways you can rock any maxi dress.

1) Add a Belt

Add shape to your maxi with a belt. Skinny or chunky, leather or bedazzled, they all look sensational. (Corset belts are particularly stunning!)

2) Layer Up

Adding layers is a great way to create a whole different look for your dress. A t-shirt or lace blouse can be worn underneath, and a jean jacket or cashmere cardigan can help transition your summer maxi to autumn.

3) Just Add Leggings

Like maxi dresses couldn’t get any more comfortable, right? The addition of leggings is another great way to bring your look to cooler months. It’s also handy for dresses with seriously sexy slits – like the one you’ll see when you click here.

4) Get Work Ready

A maxi by itself is usually an office attire no-no, but pair it with a well-fitting blazer and some sleek ankle boots, and you’re workplace appropriate.

5) Dress it Up

Take your casual maxi into semi-formal territory with some dressy accessories. An elegant necklace and some statement bangles can instantly increase the dressiness of your maxi.

6) Let Worlds Collide

Be daring and combine different styles: a posh faux-fur coat with a bohemian dress conspire to create a visual masterpiece. A camo print, spaghetti strap maxi paired with sophisticated stiletto knee boots looks sensational. Don’t shy away from bringing stylistic worlds together to create new, inspired looks.

7) Be Colour Happy

Really let your personality shine by adding pops of complimentary colours to your basic maxi. This is a fantastic way to reinvent your dress, effectively decreasing your cost per wear (and giving you an excuse to buy that velvet jacket you’ve been coveting.)

8) Take On Texture

And speaking of velvet, using different textures adds seriously stunning visual interest to your look. Combine a denim maxi and a thick leather belt with a silk blouse underneath. Or a maxi with a lace overlay, a cashmere sleeveless cardigan and sheer cotton scarf. Use textures and materials that don’t vye for visual supremacy, but rather complement each other, creating an unforgettably harmonious whole.

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