9 Reasons You Should Move to Canberra

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9 Reasons You Should Move to Canberra

If you are looking for a quality lifestyle for your family where your kids can be raised in a safe, rewarding environment Canberra might just tick all the boxes. You don’t have to venture all that far from Sydney to get away from the traffic and noise, ease out of the rat race and find a lifestyle that allows you to stop and smell the roses. Here are 9 reasons you should consider a move to Canberra.

1. Easy lifestyle

While Canberra is the seat of government, the capital city is not formal or confined. Most Australian politicians live in their own states and travel to Parliament as needed, so while there is plenty of work for office staff, employees are typically everyday office workers like you, who look forward to knocking off and getting home at the end of the day to relax and unwind.

2. Strong community vibe

With so many highly educated residents all working in similar fields, it’s no wonder there is a sense of togetherness and community. Meet up with other families, couples, singles or students for like-minded activities and shared experiences. Connecting is easy with everything so close and accessible.

3. Great Health

Walking tracks and bike paths are well established and maintained around the Canberra heart with multiple bushwalking opportunities just a short drive outside the city fringe. To get some fresh air and perspective nothing beats the Mount Ainslie hiking trail and lookout to take in the sweeping city views.

4. Multicultural and open-minded

Canberra welcomes people from every corner of the globe and is a multicultural hub with embassies and visiting foreign leaders as well as over 26% of residents who hail from overseas. One in four Canberra households speaks a language other than English giving the city an eclectic and open-door feel.

5. Easy access to surrounding regions

If you are hankering for the beach, it’s an easy 2-hour drive to Batemans Bay. Feel like a hike, camping, or a picnic? Choose from any of the surrounding national parks.

For those who want the hustle and bustle of the city for a day or weekend, you can reach Sydney with an easy 3-hour drive. You’re also close (2.5 hours drive) to snowfields for those winter adventures. Nothing is out of reach or too hard to get to.

6. Inspiring and uplifting festivals

While Canberra might be small in population it has a big cultural and resources heart. Being the Australian Capital you can find some of the biggest festivals with the annual International music festival, Spring festival (Floriade), and the culinary and music wonders of the National Multicultural festival as well as international sporting matches and exhibitions other cities are quite jealous of.

7. Progressive and diverse

Modern conveniences are part of the Canberra lifestyle. Technology and innovation are embraced and encouraged, including green energy. All new homes built in the ACT must now meet strict energy efficiency levels, something not yet enforced (but soon will be) throughout the rest of Australia. You’ll see award-winning modern buildings sitting alongside heritage-listed grandeur.

8. Culinary treats

Home to some of Australia’s most anticipated annual food and wine festivals and culinary delights, you can experience a taste of the ACT that is like no other. ACT and surrounding areas sell fresh produce at thriving farmer’s markets and serve up a delicious local fare at restaurants, cafes, bars, wineries, and breweries for some of the best culinary experiences in the world. Check out the fresh local truffles or visit a truffle farm to buy from the source and get incredible recipes for how to experience this gourmet sensation.

9. Safe living

Most worldwide capital cities come with a crime risk, with some suburbs more unsafe than others. Canberra, being smaller and having a highly educated political, student and public servant population has one of the lowest crime rates Australia-wide, making it safe and comfortable for families no matter where across the ACT they settle down.

If you are looking to get out of the rush and embrace a relaxed lifestyle, the opportunities to own property and live in Canberra are limitless.

Featured photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash
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