9 Ways To Save Money On Roof Restoration

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9 Ways To Save Money On Roof Restoration

Are you looking to upgrade or restore your roof?

The roof is one of the most important (and expensive) parts of your house. 

While commercial roof installations or tile replacements seem simple and easy, roofing is a delicate and complicated process that should only be handled by a trained, certified, and experienced roofer. 

It is also for this reason why roofing repairs and restoration should be taken seriously as well. You don’t want to go for the cheapest option and end up having to pay thousands extra to fix the poor workmanship.

Although most roofs will last several decades before a replacement is required, some parts may call for regular upgrades and maintenance. This helps keep the entire roof in good condition and especially when there’s a sudden change in weather.  

A solid plan and budget are also needed to ensure the restoration process is a success. While roofing projects can be expensive, you don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money on a restoration process. Planning well, doing your homework, and sticking to the local council regulations can see you save some money in the process. 

Putting up with a leaky roof, or neglecting it, can have a terrible impact on both the house and your bank balances. That said, your roof must be properly maintained all year long to keep it in shape. 

Outlined below are 9 of the best ways you can save money on your next roof restoration project. 

#1 – Hire the Right Team

With dozens of roofing companies to choose from, it’s easy to hire the wrong contractor for the job. 

That said, it would be advisable to run background checks and dig a little into the preferred roofing company before making the call. Check to see if the company is licensed, hires trained and experienced installers, and the number of years they have served their customers successfully. 

Have at least 5 companies on your shortlist, then dig deeper into them to ensure you hire the right candidates. Hiring the wrong company will only cost you more in the long run. 


#2 – Come Up with A Plan

You’ll need a solid plan for your roofing project. The plan should outline everything that needs to be done in the restoration process. It is with a good plan that the contractor will have something to work with or guide him throughout the project. 

#3 – Acquire Quality Materials

The best quality-roofing materials don’t always come cheap. 

It wouldn’t be advisable to go for cheap roofing materials as these tend to degrade faster due to their short lifespan. Although it might be easy to get cheap materials, you’ll have to cough more in the long run in the form of repairs and even replacement. 

Professionals at Richmond Kitchens recommend going for the most affordable and quality materials you can afford at the moment.  They say “these shouldn’t be expensive but within your budget. Be on the lookout for end-of-season sales, auctions, and annual sales by product manufacturers. Signing up for a newsletter from a preferred manufacturer might help you get a fair deal too.” 


#4 – Invest in Upgraded Underlayment 

Underlayment is the protective layer just underneath the tiles. It helps protect the roof and what’s under it from moisture, hence recommended for all homes. 

Upgraded underlayment uses ‘peel and stick’ technology which makes installation relatively easy, and also earns you lower homeowner insurance premiums. The underlayment creates a barrier that protects both the wood and everything else in the house. 

#5 – Consider Re-covering the Roof

Be sure to engage a structural engineer first before having another roof installed over the existing one. The engineer should be able to determine if the house is strong enough to handle the extra weight. 

You might also want to check with the local municipality building codes for approvals. If this is an option, you can then go ahead and make a rough draft of what you expect to be done on/with the roof. 

#6 – Go for Energy-Star Rated Products

Going for energy star rated roofing materials will not only help keep your home cooler in summer but also give your home a value boost. 

When choosing star-rated products, architect Michael Yousef recommends doing a little research on manufacturers that produce such materials and ask them to send you a quote. He goes on to say “engaging your accountant and insurance agent can also help you save a lot more money in the form of taxes and insurance premiums. Just be sure to consult them first before making the order.” 

#7 – Combine Costs

Combining landscaping work with dumpster fees can see you save some money too. Doing this will eliminate the need to pay vast sums of money for large trash removal. 

#8 – Recycle Materials

Just because a part of the roof is damaged doesn’t mean all the materials are. You can ask the contractor to inspect the materials and reuse those that are in good condition where possible.  

You’ll be surprised how much you could save if you asked the contractor to reuse some of the materials. Be sure to consult a professional if doing this as a DIY. 

The tree removal experts Cheaper Trees see an immense value in using recycled materials when trying to lower the impact on the environment and improve waste management. Further, “The use of secondary raw materials in roofing can immensely reduce the cost of construction. This opens up doors for new product development and encourages innovation.”


#9 – Consider Some DIY Work

Some roof restoration processes, such as re-installing the gutters or trimming the edges can be handled in a DIY. Inspect the house/roof to see what you can manage and what you cannot. 

This should, however, be done before contacting the preferred contractor.  Some of these simple exercises can save you lots of money in labour, and also allow the contractor to focus only on the delicate and challenging stuff. 

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