Australia Fashion Week

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Australia Fashion Week

Australian Fashion Week started in 1996, over the two decades the event has grown to global proportions, attracting buyers and media from around the world and providing a platform for Australian designers to both launch and grow their brands.

Starting today till the 19th of April Sydney is on display and striding their fashion sense to the whole of Australia and the World. Sydney Fashion Week is a celebration of our vibrant fashion and design industry and local stores.

The road to success is one of hard work, determination and a unique perception of fashion to stand out among all the designers around the world.

As the Australian Fashion Industry celebrates 20 years today let’s look at three Australian designers that got their big break 20 years ago in Australian Fashion Week:

Who are they?

Akira Isogawa, who made his debut in 1996 Australian Fashion Week, has come a long way. From a poor beginning, his blend of Eastern meet Western influences has had a successful career that has spanned over two decades.

Zimmermann, this Bondi Beach babe is famous around the world. Zimmermann swimwear is both sexy and sporty, a brand with sophisticated and seductive vision of the long and hot Australian summer.

Josh Goot, he made is debut in 2005 with a beautiful collection that was fresh and sporty and epitomised the laid-back Australian lifestyle.

Many of the big names might not show in this year’s Fashion Week, allowing for the new generation of Australian Fashion names to be born and shine. The big names now show events overseas taking Australia style to the world.


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