How to Boost Your Home Value

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How to Boost Your Home Value

If you’re getting ready to sell your house, you should make sure that your offer is tempting. There are various ways to boost the resale value of your home even without making huge investments. After all, tweaking the look of your home will pay off considerably when you put it on the market. These are a few steps on how to boost your home value:

Clean and painted

The first thing you should do in order to boost your home resale value and make it look more appealing is repainting the walls. This is a must for every room in your home where there’s wall paint. It would be best to stick to neutral colours. However, avoid painting all your rooms white since it can look a bit cheap and plain. If you mimic the moulding with white stripes of paint near the ceiling, you’ll achieve a more luxurious look as well. Of course, make sure to clean up the interior once you’re done with painting.

Spice up your kitchen

Boost home - Spice up your kitchen

The kitchen is a very important room in the house when people are looking to buy. Basically, the kitchen can make or break the deal. You don’t have to go for a complete kitchen renovation. However, together with new paint, you may want to consider installing tiles as a backsplash. Also, you can use tiles for flooring around the kitchen elements. If you can’t afford tile installation for both floor and walls, go with the floor. You can create a backsplash by using vinyl wallpaper. Also, make sure that your kitchen cabinets are not scratched and that they are tightly secured to the walls. Replace the faucet if necessary.

A bathroom makeover

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is another room in your home that can attract or turn off potential buyers. Therefore, you have to make it look as presentable as possible. For example, you don’t have to replace an entire toilet unit, but installing a new toilet seat can effectively improve its look. Instead of replacing your entire shower and faucet system, you can simply get new shower and faucet heads. Remove the mineral buildup and replace all the bathroom tiles that have some damage on them. A nice mirror can transform the look of your bathroom, so if your current bathroom mirror is small and cheap-looking, go for a bigger one with clean lines.

Light up your home

Home improvement- light up your home

Lighting plays a big role when it comes to increasing your home value. However, you don’t have to replace your entire lighting system in order to achieve a nice look. Simple things, like getting new lamp shades and chandelier covers, can instantly transform your home. Moreover, the light will be distributed properly across the room. However, it’s important to seek professional electrician services in case you’ve noticed some issues with your lighting and power in general. Repairing this issue before the sale is significantly worth the investment.

Give your doors a new look

This goes for all doors, including the front and every cabinet door. Simply replacing the knobs and locks can effectively jazz up the look of your entire home. Go for a strong and sturdy yet modern hardware for your entry doors. When it comes to other doors in your home, it would be a smart move to give them a fresh coat of paint in some bolder colour. This trend is very popular nowadays. When your cabinet doors, as well as your drawers, are concerned, replacing the knob can add a special touch and make the home appear luxurious and elegant.

Take care of your front yard

Well-kept greenery is a very important aspect of one’s home. This is especially true if you have a front yard. Potential buyers will get their first impression from the yard itself. You don’t have to do anything extravagant and pricey. However, a nicely mowed lawn is a must if you want to boost the resale value. Add rows of shrubbery and flowers along the fence and foundation to improve the curb appeal. Together with some inexpensive outdoor floor lights, your front yard will complement the rest of your home perfectly.

There are always some budget-friendly ways to improve the look of your home and consequently boost its value. It’s essential that you calculate your budget and go with the repairs that are bound to repay themselves when you actually sell your home. Be realistic with your investment but still make sure that your home looks presentable, comfy, and nice as if you were going to continue living there.

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