Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Faster?

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Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Faster?

There has been considerable debate concerning hair. Should it be considered an organ or not? If it is an organ, can it be considered alive? These are some of the questions that point to the interest that people have with hair. There is also the interesting fact that hair, which is non-biodegradable can remain unchanged forever.

Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Faster

Hair as a Fashion Statement

One thing that is not in debate is whether hair can make a fashion statement. Making hair look good is a key part of grooming. It is a natural extension of the fashion industry. The hair industry is a multi-billion industry around the world. Every moment in the day, someone is cutting, washing or setting hair. The industry is highly lucrative. Due to the lucrative nature of the industry, industry players invest in building capacity. Barbers invest in the best hair clippers and other equipment that can give them an edge over the competition. Hairdressers invest in electronic equipment, mechanical equipment, and the skills to keep customers happy.

The Hair Debate

Hair reacts in different ways under different circumstances. Lay people and professional stylists always seek to understand the reactions. Understanding the hair’s reactions to different stimuli enables people to make the right decisions concerning their hair. One might, for example, seek to know how the hair responds when relaxed. Does it get weaker? Or when it is curled. Does it get discolored? Among these questions is one whose answers have usually transcended fact and gone to the realm of myth. This is the question whether cutting hair makes it grow faster. In this article, we shall seek to provide factual answers to this interesting question.

Does Cutting Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Faster

Pursuing beauty is a little bit like looking for the elixir of youth. There are many myths associated with it. In the end, however, there are many factors in play that nobody can do anything about. These are matters to do with genetics, environmental factors and health issues.

What to Do to Make Hair Grow

Balanced Diet

Hair grows from the root, having a healthy scalp helps ensure that the hair comes up strong. When hair is healthy, it does not break easily. This ensures that it maintains any natural growth it attains. Health of the hair also reduces the need to cut it so as to reduce splitting. Even if the hair is naturally given to grow slowly, as long as it does not keep losing the length achieved, it attains the owner’s objective faster.

Reduced Styling

There are certain styling methods that are known as hair stressors. These are the methods that reduce the growth of hair. Styles that involve applying chemicals and heat weaken the hair strands. A weak strand is susceptible to breakage. When they break, the process of growing starts all over again. If the problem of breakage is not solved, the hair might never reach its full potential. It is, therefore, important for a person seeking to grow hair to know how much heat will not affect the strand. They also need to know about the type of coloring to use. If it is possible, these types of styling should be avoided altogether.

Hair Care Products

For hair to grow, it needs a lot of healthy fats and proteins. Many of these can be found in a balanced diet. Sometimes it is necessary to supplement the diet with products that are applied directly to the scalp. Good quality products designed for the users type of hair are very effective in keeping the hair healthy. The healthy hair is able to sustain its own growth.

What Does Cutting Hair Do?

While all these factors come into play, cutting hair is not itself a waste of time in this regard. Hair normally splits at the ends. When it splits, it appears to be shorter and less healthy. Cutting hair gets rid of the frayed ends which gives it a healthier and longer look. When a person it trying to grow long hair. Hair splits that start at the edges can easily find their way further down towards the scalp. This would affect the overall growth of the hair and its appearance.

Splitting cannot be completely avoided. Their effects can, however, be reduced by cutting. One of the important tricks on cutting is to ensure that the hair is cut on time. For best results, it should be cut every after between eight and twelve weeks. Where the person falls in the 8-12 spectrum is determined by how much their hair breaks. A person who suffers from massive hair breakage should have it cut every eight weeks. The one who does suffer too much breakage should cut theirs every twelve weeks. Others should fall in between depending on their hair.


It is true that there has been a lot of debate about hair. The question on whether cutting hair makes it grow faster is a part of the debate. A casual observer may present empirical evidence from their own experience that cutting hair quickens its growth. However, cutting hair does not increase growth at all. Trimming it from time to time when in the process of growing it has some positive effects. It prevents hairs that have split on the edges from splitting further down. When the hair follicles are not split, they remain strong. When follicles remain strong, hair does not break. The lack of breakage ensures that the cycle of growth is not interrupted. Ultimately this creates the impression that the hair is growing faster. In reality, however, what happens is that the hair is protected from factors that would inhibit its growth.

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