Expat Guide – First Family Trip to Asia

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Expat Guide – First Family Trip to Asia

The number of expats is getting bigger and bigger every year. Why? Well, people are always in search of a better life for them and their family. If you’re one of them, expect to find great circumstances in East Asia. So, if you’re moving there with your family, here’s what you should consider. Expat guide – first family trip to Asia.

Plan carefully

Any trip requires plenty of planning, especially longer family trips. If you’re moving to a far-away country like China, Hong Kong, Japan, or any other East Asian country, you’ll need to have a good plan.

Plan carefully- Expat Guide - First Family Trip to Asia

Do your research about your destination, but don’t forget to study and learn about cultural differences. Avoid a culture shock by reading about the place. Keep in mind that East Asia is a lot different than the USA or any European country, so everything will be a new experience for you.

Find accommodation

While you can find amazing accommodation in East Asia, it’s smart to start searching well in advance. You probably already have a place in mind, but if you don’t, it’s easy to browse apartments online. When choosing your accommodation, compare prices, check transportation in the area, and do research on crime. Countries like Hong Kong and Singapore are beloved by expats since they are safe and modern. They are also full of strangers, so the culture shock won’t hit as hard. On the other hand, Beijing has plenty of great business, accommodation, and educational opportunities.

Get into your routine

No matter if you’re working from an office or home, you will need to create a good daily routine that will make you feel normal during the adjusting period. Your family will also benefit from plenty of activities to fend off boredom while you’re working.

Get into your routine

If you have kids, here’s an idea: find a good education center and let them study and play with locals and other expats. Even youngsters can benefit from this. For instance, you can always find a fun playgroup that accepts kids from 6 months to 3 years old. Expect your kids to have plenty of fun, learn a lot of things and socialize with peers. You as a parent can visit bars and hang out with other expats, try a new sport or go back to your old hobby. Routines are necessary for healthy functioning and good performance at work.

Consider safety

If you’re traveling abroad with kids, safety is probably your number one priority. Are you leading them into a safe adventure? We all know there are many places on this planet that are not suitable for travelers, let alone travelers with a family. Luckily, East Asia is pretty safe overall. Hong Kong is one of the safest spots in the world, especially for kids. Singapore has a very low level of crime as well, while China is experiencing a big reduction in underground organized crime. Philippines are one of the most amazing countries in Southeast Asia but make sure to take care of your safety. For example, when shopping for some genuine Filipino artisan products make sure you buy from official retailers so you avoid scams.  The safer your family is, the more peace you’ll get while you work.

Consider safety

Find help

While you’re just adjusting to your new lifestyle and new environment, you might want to look into some assistance options. Many countries in East Asia have a well-developed domestic help system. You can book live-in or live-out help for you and your family—it can really make things much simpler for you, especially in the beginning. Work-life in East Asia is not very flexible, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to work your hours without much understanding for your family. Therefore, having help at home will allow you to concentrate on your work knowing your kids are taken care of.

Being an expat is not an easy step to take, but if you know exactly where you’re going and how to take care of your family there, all of you will have an amazing time. If you don’t like it, you can always go back home, after all.


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