Facercise is the natural alternative to plastic surgery.

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Facercise is the natural alternative to plastic surgery.

Facercise, or face yoga is popular among celebrities like Jen Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Gwynnie. Your face just like the rest of your body should have an exercise routine if you intend to keep it firm and young looking.

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles can be done through facercise , exercising the muscles of your face and neck to prevent sagging and aging, leaving you with a toned youthful face. It is believed that working certain muscles in the face can prevent the need for surgery and botox. Stronger muscles in the face can help keep skin younger. Facercise is the natural alternative to plastic surgery.

Not only are these anti-aging exercises free of charge but also they work.  Facial structure of the cheeks, lips, eyes and other areas of the face benefit from a few steps:


Close your lips firmly and suck your cheeks in tightly. Take your two pointer fingers and place them on both sides of your mouth at the corners. Pressing against the skin, move up and down until you feel a burn. Do this mouth on both sides of your mouth at the corners.


Raise your eyebrows up and down 20 times to strengthen the muscle and prevent drooping, for bigger looking eyes.


Pull your top lip out with one hand, and squeeze your nose with the other 10 times, for a slimmer nose.


Tip your chin towards the ceiling and stick your jaw out as far as you can to tone the jaw and chin, and prevent a double chin. Lower your chin down towards your neck, and repeat 10 times.


There is nothing flattering about a neck with hanging folds of skin. These exercises will help make the skin and muscles taut again. Sit upright, tilt your head back, looking at the ceiling while keeping your lips closed and then start a chewing movement. You will feel the muscles working in your neck and throat area. Repeat 20 times


Face tapping is yet another good exercise to increase blood circulation. Use light and quick taps on the face with the pads of your middle fingers. Massaging the ears can also go a long way in lending a glow to the face. With index finger and thumb, massage the rim of the ear and pull it slightly. Massage the crevices and spirals of the ear too. This is also blissfully relaxing.


Work your moisturiser over your skin to help stimulate your blood flow. Start with sweeping movements along the underside of your chin, working up towards your cheeks.  

Then use upward motions with large semi-circle forming strokes, as if you’re using your palms to draw bananas on from your jawline, in towards your nose and out again towards your temples. Lastly, blend your moisturiser onto your forehead using vertical strokes from your brow bone up towards your hairline.

Moisturise each area in a consecutive sequence of threes i.e. three double sweeps across the chin and up, three bananas on each cheek and three lots of vertical strokes across your whole forehead.

Some of these exercises might leave you feeling a bit silly. Still stick with the exercises daily and you’ll gradually achieve an overall fresher and youthful look within three months. With facial muscles increasingly supple and rosy, don’t be surprised if your friends and family start to compliment you


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