Fantastic Ways To Promote Your Start-up

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Fantastic Ways To Promote Your Start-up

You can have the best ideas the world has ever seen. Your service is unparalleled, your products are like nothing else on the market. The employees that work for you are incredibly well educated and hardworking, the best Australia has to offer. Unfortunately, if nobody knows who you are, you won’t get very far with your start-up.

Promotion and marketing are very important factors in running any business. You need to get your name out there, people need to know that you actually exist. Before you even begin building your brand, you need to get the opportunity to work on it. Indeed, you can’t really go anywhere without good customers, now can you?

Figure out who your audience is

So, first thing first – figure out who your audience is. You shouldn’t bet on people just stumbling upon and finding your work all on their own. Neither should you gamble on your audience coming to you. You need to attract them, and in order to do that, you need to figure out who you need to attract in the first place. 

So, identify your demographics, what age group are you gunning for, what is their economic station in life, how interested are they (not) in what you have to offer? This will help you figure out where you should invest most of your promotional efforts, it will help you focus. It’s pretty evident that the same people who prefer traditional, conservative companies won’t really vibe with a millennial modern and on-the-edge start-up. 

Be honest

You are probably the new kid on the block, being a start-up and all. In order to push your way through, you need to be clear with your goals. This will keep you grounded, it will keep your eyes on the prize. So – why did you start this company? What makes you different from the competition? 

Now, besides keeping you focused, answering these questions also gives you a nice opportunity to connect with your audience. Australians like honesty, they like seeing the human side of your company. If you answer these question and put your “origin story” on your webpage, your customers will understand who you are. They will get a better picture of what you represent. You will seem more human, more real. 

Have a budget and plan

Now, onto a more practical level, you need to figure out what your budget is. Before you start promoting yourself, you need to set up your financial plan that is supposed to govern your marketing efforts. The Australian market is growing steadily, and an entrepreneur can definitely achieve success, but that doesn’t mean you can approach this carelessly.

It’s up to you to decide how much money you are willing to invest in your marketing efforts. The actual plan, the process of drafting it, the goals you want to achieve with this plan, they all sadly revolve around the resources you have at your disposal.

Social media is key

Social media is a core part of any marketing effort nowadays. It gives you two excellent functions. First of all, you are able to connect with your audience in a much more direct and honest way. Communicating through social media platforms is easy, and it’s free. You can get some information about your work across, and directly speak to people through comment sections and private messages.

You can post content, videos, in-depth articles about your work, keeping people up to date easily and efficiently. This also gives you the opportunity of having your work be promoted through word of mouth across- social media platforms.

Have some special offers

You want to pull people in, and you want them to like you. And the best way you can get people to like you is by giving them free stuff. You should promote your business with special discounts, even free products, and services under certain conditions. 

Even simple things like handing out shirts, cups, or cupcakes with your logo on the wrapper will mean a great deal. Contact a company dealing in shirt printing in Australia, hire your local bakery to bake you some muffins to hand out, just go around town and hand out samples (if you offer goods, instead of only services). 

Get some influencers on board

Influencer marketing has steadily become a core part of online marketing efforts. The importance of influencers rose along with the importance and strengthening of social media platforms. They are people who have, you guessed it, a great deal of influence online. With thousands of followers listening to them on a daily basis, this type of person is an expert in their field, capable of giving a great deal of advice, posseting high levels of achievement and insight. 

Don’t forget about Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a mainstay of online marketing. Proper SEO allows you to increase the chances of your website being found by users who actively search for phrases (keywords) that are relevant to your business.

Figure out what kind of keywords would be most useful and relevant to your company. Implement these into your website and into your content. You also want to work on creating links that lead to high-level websites, as well as having high-level websites link to your own. 

Strong content marketing

You want quality content when promoting yourself. Create useful articles about your industry, offer valuable tips and tricks that allow you to connect with your target audience. Things like videos, creating good infographics, images people want to share… It’s all about capturing people’s attention, and about keeping said attention long enough for them to figure out just how good of a business you have.

Promoting your start-up is key if you want to achieve success. There is no point in working hard, creating the best possible services and products you can, while not being able to actually get people to buy them. You need to get your name out there, as quickly and as efficiently as you can.

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Stella Ryne is an art historian, traveller and a proud mother. When she is not trying to improve the things around her, she likes to lose herself in a good book.

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