French Pranksters Create HumanWorld

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French Pranksters Create HumanWorld

HumanWorld is a world theme park specialized in the discovery and exploitation of humans. Obviously a fictitious world where animals reiterate human behaviour when they are at animal parks.

A group of French pranksters,decided to flip the script on the famous and worldwide loved theme park Seaworld. The funny video below was created and produced by Rémi Gaillard, famous on YouTube for his hilarious brand of prank videos. Gaillard in his videos tends to send a socially conscious message with a very unique sense of humour. His latest effort is Human World where he and his buddies dress up as animals you’d see imprisoned at Sea World.  While they are in their aquatic costumes, they behave exactly like humans do, they point, take pictures and laugh at the humans they are curious about. They give humans a taste of what it’d be like to be gawked at for the amusement of others. 

Things escalate and become absolutely hilarious when they decide to pull out fish nets and try to catch unsuspecting humans going about their daily routine for their theme park.

You must watch the video to see how these pranksters turned things around:

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