Going Green Without Going Broke

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Going Green Without Going Broke

Lots of people avoid or “postpone” going completely green for one obvious reason, the one that dictates so many parts of our lives: money. From some basic things, like food, to something like makeup, we are aware that organic and natural ones simply cost more and we usually opt for cheaper, mass-made options.

However, there are ways we can go green without going broke. Here’s how to start.

Make a plan

Going green can’t happen in a day. You can’t simply ditch the lifestyle of your entire family and have a clean start out of the blue. But, you can plan ahead. Try this: sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper and make a list of things you’d like to do differently. This list will probably include food, various cleaning and beauty or skincare products, home décor, fashion, and recycling.

Then, try making a commitment. Make a decision to change one thing at a time instead of piling it all up. Don’t throw away your entire bathroom cabinet, but instead, invest in one product from the eco-friendly section at a time. For example, buy a bottle of natural shampoo tomorrow, then take a break. Go slowly and systematically.

Make a plan


It may come as a surprise to hear that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. It is true, though, and it’s all the fault of the fast fashion.

Does it seem to you that the trends go away faster than they come? Well, they do.

And thus, a number of people on the far East work for a minimum wage to create expensive pieces whose production process probably harmed the environment in some way. If you don’t want to be a part of this, think about thrift stores or fashion pieces made from recycled materials.

The first option is way more budget friendly, and it could also be considered recycling. Those stores hold a real treasure, so don’t be afraid you’ll look bad. On the contrary, they usually offer a wide variety of fashion items, from dresses and pants to jackets and coats; you can also shop for larger sizes of women’s clothes, which can be a lot more difficult in some brand shops.

Going Green Without Going Broke -Closets

Home decor

Rule number one with (re)decoration: DIY is fun and affordable! So, if you’re making some changes in your home and want it to be more green while saving some money, think outside the box.

One of the ideas is reusing old furniture for new purposes; for example, an old door can become a table or a headboard above the bed. You can make floor rugs, throw blankets, or accent pillows from old clothes. Try searching the web for more inspiration.

Going Green Without Going Broke - Home decor

Various products used at home

Do you ever think about how many bottles there are in an average home?

It seems we keep everything in bottles: from juice to lotions and cleaning products. Going green means reducing their number in the house, which doesn’t need to be expensive. Try achieving a compromise. Buy only what you’re sure you can’t make yourself or substitute with something else.

For example, instead of buying juice in plastic bottles, use a glass bottle which you can refill with some fresh, homemade juice. You can also make cleaning products at home with all-natural ingredients, which do not cause any damage to the ozone or your lungs. When painting around the house, invest in VOC-free paint. Slowly substitute your personal hygiene products with probably a bit more expensive eco-friendly brands.

Going Green Without Going Broke -Various products used at home

As you can see, going green doesn’t necessarily mean going broke. Apart from the ones listed above, there are numerous other ways you can go green. If it’s hard to give up on something, you can always try to implement several other eco-friendly ideas around the house, and remember: it’s not as hard as it seems.

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