This Gorilla Dancing to ‘Maniac’ Is The Best

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This Gorilla Dancing to ‘Maniac’ Is The Best

This 16-second video of Zola, a resident Gorilla in  Dallas Zoo, dancing to ‘Maniac’ is the best. He executes the perfect dance moves to Flashdance song ‘Maniac’ in a kiddie pool. This Gorilla dancing to ‘Maniac’ is the best video you see today.

Zola’s happy spinning and dancing went viral on Twitter last Friday, watch it and you’ll see why.

Despite the perfect synchronisation of the music with the gorilla’s moves, it was not rehearsed. The music was edited in and as it turned out Zola’s moves were in perfect synch with the song ‘Maniac’.

You should also know that it’s not the first time that Zola impressed with his dance moves. He has wowed visitors with his moves at Calgary Zoo in 2001. Watch his breakdancing moves below:

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