Great Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life

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Great Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life

If you love your friends and family, you’ll always find an excuse to give them a present. But make sure it’s something special. Finding a particular kind of gift is a tough job. Luckily, there are lots of options out there, whether you’re on a budget or not. Anyone can buy a perfume, a sweatshirt, a mug or a book, so go a bit further and give your closest ones a gift they’ll be talking about for months. Finding a perfect present for the creative souls who often have a specific style, is never easy. With a little help, you will blow their mind. Without further ado here are some great gifts for the creative people in your life.

The photographer

Great Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life -pink camera

People tend to think that being a photographer nowadays means nothing more than snapping shots with a new digital camera and using various filters. If you have a passionate photographer in your surroundings, don’t opt for this shiny expensive piece of equipment, but rather go for an old-fashioned approach and find a vintage camera or even a Polaroid. Learning to take photos without using digital software afterwards to edit the pics will help them learn the basics of photography and capture unforgettable moments. Search online and find them a book that can accompany their new vintage camera and teach them how the photographers dealt with some of the problems back in the day.

The designer

Great Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life - white clothes

If your friends are always asking you to wear their creations. You better make sure they’re made of quality materials with unique patterns. Go to a local store that sells materials. Find some interesting fabrics, buy a bunch of them and wrap them all together. Be sure to ask the retailer about the fabric composition and use Dymo labels to mark everything your friends need to know. Separate the fabric you’d like to wear and ask them to make something special for you. Don’t forget to spread the word about the designer. This can be beneficial both for you and your friends, so don’t be surprised if they ask you to be their model and promote their new line.

The writer

Great Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life - old typewriter

Don’t rush to a bookstore and grab just any bestseller – you’ll be among a dozen clueless people who always choose the same non-creative gift. If you have a writing aficionado in your family, you need to know that you probably won’t be able to buy them a book they want, so you need to go in a different direction. Buy them popular aqua notes, for instance, so that they can write their ideas in the shower – let’s be honest, that’s the place where we get the best ideas. If you’re dealing with a fashionista who’s getting into the writing business, combine these two passions and surprise them with a pair of cufflinks with a typewriter lettering. This is something they wouldn’t expect from you and will surely appreciate your effort.

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The DIY-er

Great Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life -DIYer

The more creative a person is, the wider spectrum of possibilities you have, and an experienced craftsperson will find a purpose for every item you give them. So, everything from a patterned rolling pin, a great crafts kit, a cookie cutter with some great prints or even a DIY screen printing kit will do. You can also make them a personalized rubber stamp to give a personal touch to everything they create. Jewelry pieces are always welcomed and you can purchase these at a very low price and just wrap them in some colourful paper with a simple card that says: “Enjoy and create!”

Other ideas

Great Gifts for the Creative People in Your Life-other ideas

A cool gadget that’s going to spark the interest of your friend or family member is always a good idea. So, find some inspiration online – retailers that sell interesting tools for creative people are an amazing place to start. Sometimes you won’t be able to understand why that particular item is actually the perfect gift, but it will surely be appreciated. There are probably some other types of creative people in your life, so you need to pay special attention to what they need and try to find precisely that. Just look around their workstations and see if there’s anything old or broken that you can replace with a new piece. Finally, you can always ask them about their hobbies and see if there is anything specific that they want or need.

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