Healthcare Specialists Who Treat Disorders in Your Vision

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Healthcare Specialists Who Treat Disorders in Your Vision

The healthcare specialists who deal with treating patients with problems related to eyes are one of the most honoured persons in the medical field. They are qualified and licensed to detect and diagnose the problems that are related to vision health. They used to be known as ophthalmic opticians initially, but now they are known as an optometrist. Let’s know more about healthcare specialists who treat disorders in your vision.

What is the Role of Optometrist?

The clinical practice of an optometrist is to treat patients suffering from eye disorders. They give solutions to their patients after examining them clinically. The patients are supposed to give in details of their medical history of eye disorders at the beginning of their treatment. The specialists do a visual acuity test that is related to checking any refractive errors. This test is important because it helps them to evaluate the eyesight. The specialist will then accordingly prescribe spectacles or contact lenses as per the refractive status of the eyes. This will help the patients to attain a proper vision.

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Functions Performed:

  • The optometrist would at first try to detect the disease related to eyes with the help of an ophthalmoscope. They find if the patient is suffering from macular degeneration or glaucoma or maybe from any other eye disease. In some cases, the disease may be due to diabetes or hypertension, for which the patient might be subjected to further special tests. For example, if your condition is because of high blood pressure, then they will refer you to a cardiologist.
  • The doctor would test the eye’s pressure on the patient suffering from glaucoma. The patients who are suffering from glaucoma or other ocular disorders can be prescribed a pharmaceutical drug that is anti-inflammatory or antibiotic.
  • The specialist has the certification to independently prescribe licensed drugs but is forbidden to give parenteral or injectable medicines.
  • The doctors who deal with handling contact lenses for the abnormal shape of the eyes prescribe special contact lenses to their patients, like toric or varifocal lenses.

What is the Importance of Eye Test?

Going for a regular eye test is very important, as the disorders can be easily prevented or cured if detected at an early stage. There are many treatments possible now that is conducted by an optometrist, which is why regular eye checkup is mandatory. You can also judge the problem beforehand, as you will feel the warning signs like changes in your vision or problems in the internal appearance of the eye.

The optometrist uses the latest technologies to identify eye disease as well as if there are other problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. This is an insight to the doctors to help them to assess the overall health of the patients. If the problems are not detected, then it may lead to serious health problems in the future.

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How to Take Care of Eyes?

  1. The eye test as a routine checkup is very important and it should be done at least once every two years. It should be done more frequently if you have other medical conditions. This will not only protect your eye but also will look after your general health and wellbeing.
  2. The one factor that is usually neglected is about knowing the family history of eye health. The optometrist would want to know the health history of your family and about the eye conditions within your family tree. This is because the eye disorder is also related to genetics.
  3. A healthy and nutritious diet is compulsory along with exercise to have healthy eyes. A balanced diet is also recommended as a part of taking care of your eyes.

The eyes are the most important part of your body. So, it is extremely essential to protect them. They have to be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun by wearing sunglasses and a hat. You have to ensure that you have healthy eyes and a good vision is maintained as long as possible.

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