How to impress on your first date

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How to impress on your first date

First dates are generally quite stressful and throwing things into the wind without some planning or preparation is a risk and doesn’t work for everybody. Some men are just born with a genuine panache for dating but others need a bit of help.

What are then the elements to a successful first date? Let’s take into consideration all details right from the beginning.

#1 Pick her up or arrange a meeting point.

If possible at all you should pick her up, alternatively, it is quite okay to meet her somewhere equally convenient for you both. Never, ask her to go out of her way to meet you – nothing spells jerk louder. If you choose to meet your new date somewhere make sure you get there a bit early as you don’t want to have her anxiously waiting for you.

#2 Greeting on arrival

In your mind have a plan of action so you don’t look clumsy or shy at first instance. Know how you are going to greet your new date. A simple kiss on the cheek is absolutely fine, actually the best of all choices. Don’t shake hands or wave both these will kill any chance of this date ever getting intimate or any follow up dates.

#3 Where to take her

Where to take her, it really doesn’t matter but have a plan. Indecisiveness is one of the least attractive attributes in anyone, women like a confident man. Whatever you do, don’t utter the words “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Pack up and just go home, you are dead in the waters.

#4 Things never to mention on your first date – EVER

Now that you successfully arrived at your destination and you look like the dude in control of the night, you can now relax, well to a point. Whatever you do, you should not drink the whole bottle or never mention your ex, just keep the conversation light, find out what she’s interested in and talk about that.

#5 keep the mystery

If you like her, keep it to yourself for now. A bit of mystery never hurts and keeps things interesting. Final tip before you leave her, tentatively suggest a second date involving something she has told you she likes doing. It shows you were listening to her during your first date. Then ask her if she has a day she’s free and maybe see each other again.

You got through the first date and now expect better and bigger things to unfold.


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