Know Everything About Acoustic Ceiling Installation

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Know Everything About Acoustic Ceiling Installation

The suspended ceiling, which is often called an acoustic ceiling is very useful in terms of reducing the external noise. The main components for acoustic ceiling installation are ACT and stick grid system. It is durable, versatile and cost-effective. Besides, you can remove or replace the ceiling tiles without any damage to the ceiling walls. This popular ceiling option is widely used in institutions, commercial buildings since it controls outside noise effectively. This is everything you need to know about acoustic ceiling installation.

Measure the Room

For acoustic ceiling installation, the first and fundamental step is to measure the room dimension using a graph paper. Choose the pattern of ceiling panels that will fit into the ceiling wall. It may be 2’x2’ or any other dimensions. The pattern sizing will save your material cost and determine how many acoustic tiles that you need for the ceiling.

Sketch various types of acoustic ceiling designs before taking the next course of action. It is also essential to make some space for the cross tees, which usually are equally spaced to give it a proper look.

Acoustic Ceiling Installation

Choice of Lighting Panel

If ceiling work is in progress and you want to install lighting panels, point out the location on the drawing. Determine how much height is required for installing lighting equipment. Give a space of 3 or 4 inches between the old roof and acoustic ceiling since it is the basic requirement in case, recessed lighting installation is in progress.

Proper Wall Angles Measurement

Apart from the acoustic ceiling installation, you must locate the wall angle in which the ceiling suspends. Don’t take the original ceiling angle.

Fix the suspended wall level securely at the points. The position and dimension of the wall angle will help the acoustic panels to reside within the standard. You can modify the level by cutting any needed edge by hacksaw.

Wiring Installation

For recessed lighting in acoustic ceiling installation, you have to insert wires before placing the suspension panels. Fluorescent lights are useful for centring purposes. Instead of using a regular panel, prefer using a luminous lay-in panel.

Acoustic Ceiling Installation

Use of Suspension Wires

The main tees should be 90 degrees from the joists. For locating the main tees, stretch the right line with the help of top edge in each side of the room. Cut the wires with more than 12 inches extra length due to the distance between the old and new ceiling. Locate the suspension wires in such a manner so that the first cross-tee is matchable with the main-tee. Suspension wires should be fastened.

You may apply drilling or screw hooks to fix them with the ceiling. For maintaining the levelling guidelines, use the suspension wires in every 4 feet interval. To avoid any kinking, stretch the wiring and make sure the 90-degree angle is there throughout the level lining.

Main Tees Splice Is Mandatory

Referring to the acoustic ceiling installation guide, determine the distance between the first tee and the wall. Measure this all with the help of the top flange of the main tee and locate the slot accordingly. For maintaining the thickness of the wall, cut 1/8’’ distance. Make sure to keep a square dimension of the wall angles.

For the larger rooms usually more than 12 inches, the main tees are needed to cut into slices. Align the splices to position the suspension wires correctly. Take care of splicing.

Now install the main and cross tees to complete the acoustic ceiling installation. Use a long leveller to maintain the level throughout the wall. Insert the ends of cross tees in the slot of the main tee. Select the pattern to determine the cross tees’ location. Install ceiling panels by tilting them and lifting them to fit into the framework.

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