How to Make Moving a Less Stressful Experience

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How to Make Moving a Less Stressful Experience

Moving is usually stressful, time-consuming and all in all horrendous procedure. However, you don’t have to simply accept this and let the arduous process drag you through every excruciating second. In fact, with a little bit of additional effort, you can get it over with a lot faster and make it less painful than you’d expect it to be. If you are interested, here’s how to make moving a less stressful experience.

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Make time work for you

The big move can sneak up on you in the blink of an eye. Something that was weeks away is suddenly just around the corner. With that in mind, as soon as you put in a deposit on your new apartment, start planning. Don’t wait for the next day, don’t wait for the end of the week, start right then. Depending on the sheer quantity of furniture and stuff you need to transport, you should start your planning at least eight weeks before the move. This way, you’ll avoid the pressure of urgency, which will help you feel less stressed out.

Write everything down

In order to keep everything on schedule, the best thing you can do is write your tasks down. Ideally, you should create a timetable. Divide everything you need to do into weeks and allow yourself enough “breathing ground” to complete everything. This means that you should leave at least two or three days empty after a group of tasks that need four days at most to complete. In order to be ready to deal with unpredictable situations and emergencies, you’ll need those few extra days.

How to Make Moving a Less Stressful Experience

Start with the clutter

The easiest way to see the magnitude of everything that needs to be done is to get rid of the clutter first. Small memorabilia and paraphernalia litter the household and until you remove all these trinkets, decorations and smaller plants, you won’t have a realistic image of which furniture requires your attention. Typically, you shouldn’t need more than a day to get rid of all the clutter. After that, divide the remaining things and furniture into categories and start bringing in the boxes and packages with labels on them.

Ask for help

You might be reluctant to ask your friends to help you with moving, but remember – they’ve all been through this same process at least once in their lifetime. If they are true friends, they’ll understand and be happy to help. Additionally, if the process of moving becomes too complicated, you can always hire professional Brisbane removalists to do the heavy-lifting for you.

How to Make Moving a Less Stressful Experience

Make your peace with the chaos

In order to avoid excessive stress, you need to make your peace with the chaos that is about to uproot your life. Even though you are still technically living in the household, it has turned into a war zone of tectonic movements and narrow corridors. You probably won’t sleep in your regular spot or cook the way you are used to cooking. Your entire family will feel this way, so it is important to create some kind of routine to help you through this period. For example, you can choose a show, maybe a sitcom, and watch it every night with your family with popcorn and sodas. It’s not just a matter of doing it, it’s a matter of repeating it – the association of this relaxing time with the big move will make it more bearable for everyone.

No matter how hard the move seems to be, you’ll have to accept all the chaos that comes along with the process. However, good organization and some help of your friends are good starting points that’ll keep the move on track and help you be done with it as soon as possible. Once it’s done, all you’ll have to worry about is saying goodbye to the old apartment and creating fond memories in the new one.

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