Maximise Your Granny Flat by Adding A Verandah

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Maximise Your Granny Flat by Adding A Verandah

Granny flats aren’t just for grannies. Granny flats can be used as a temporary guest house or an alternative stay for your teenage child. Whether the flat is meant for your mum to occupy in her retirement years or a rental property. Adding a verandah is a great way to extend the flat’s living space. And adding an attractive flair to the home. When you hire an expert granny flat builder, you’ll have the confidence to request they go the extra mile and add that verandah. Maximise your granny flat by adding a verandah.

Providing shelter in cooler weather and much-needed shade from a blazing summer sun, verandahs can be utilized for many activities. Place a rocking chair in the verandah and give your mum a place to sit and read.  Watch the world go by while she knits or even chat across the driveway with the neighbours. A bistro table with a couple of chairs can provide the flat occupants with a place to entertain guests over an al fresco lunch. Or a spot to eat dinner and do a crossword puzzle.

Ideas abound for decorating and furnishing verandahs to one’s personal taste. Buy colourful cushions for a set of white wicker rocking chairs. Perhaps add a couple of potted plants full of fragrant and colourful blooms. Light the space up with solar lanterns or citronella candles that can do double duty by helping keep the bugs at bay.

Long view of a verandah with swing and rock chair


Expertly decorated and designed, the verandah will also entice tenants, if your granny flat is a place you are renting, for additional income. It could also provide your overnight house guests, with a private space in which to enjoy a bit of time alone. If you have a teenager itching for their own parent-free space, set them up in your granny flat. Where you can keep an eye on them as they host outdoor parties in their own space.

Speaking of parties, granny flats are perfect for gatherings of family and friends. Because you can barbecue outside and utilize the extra kitchen and other facilities.

White outdoor table and table


Whichever you use it, for your mum, as guest quarters, as a rental property or just to give additional living space for your immediate family. Adding a verandah to your granny flat provides endless benefits by opening up the home to the outdoors. And adding value to your property in the long term. Combine this with the many uses and increased functionality of the space and you have nothing to lose by maximizing your granny flat with a verandah.   

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