NikkieTutorials Demonstrates The True Power Of Make UP

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NikkieTutorials Demonstrates The True Power Of Make UP

Youtube beauty guru Nikkie is renown for the Nikkie Tutorials on makeup and beauty. The world knows very well how powerful makeup can be if used right. It hides what you don’t want to be seen and accentuates other features you like to be noticed.

Nikkie is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed with a serious obsession for glitz, glamour and all things beauty. Her online make-up tutorials have received 28 million video views on YouTube, but now the young beautician is using her fame to tell women about the power of make up. In the hope to counter the attitudes that are rising in society about the use of make up.

Women don’t wear make up because they want to please a boyfriend, or because they feel insecure she says in her tutorial. She believes women wear make up to make themselves look and feel good about their looks.

We all have had mornings when we woke up and we just didn’t get the rest we needed and to counter that tired look, make up is the only thing that will uplift us.

Inspired by an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the youtube star decided to glam up half of her face with full on make-up and leave the other half completely make-up free!

Watch her amazing transformation on the video below:

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