Obstacles and Opportunities – 6 Things to Consider Before Starting an Online Business

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Obstacles and Opportunities – 6 Things to Consider Before Starting an Online Business

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the eCommerce game, now is the time to do it. More people than ever before are shopping online, and business is booming for successful online operations. Of course, it’s not always smooth sailing in the digital world. So, before you leap into launching your online business, consider the following six points. Obstacles and opportunities – 6 things to consider before starting an online business.

1. Partners can help you prosper 

Even if you’re starting out as a sole trader, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. When you first start out, for example, you may enjoy packaging and sending off each order personally. However, as your business picks up, you’ll need to Google “fulfilment centre Australia” to find a shipping partner to support your business. A top fulfilment centre will be able to store your stock, reduce your delivery times, streamline the order fulfilment process, and save you money on shipping costs. 

From web design to product packaging and shipping, there are plenty of other Aussie businesses ready and willing to help yours thrive. 

2. A website is no longer enough

While a beautiful, functional website is crucial for most online businesses, you’ll need to work on other channels too. Social media is, of course, chief among these. However, the platforms you choose will depend greatly on the nature of your business. So dedicate some time to researching the benefits and challenges of platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, TikTok, and more. 

3. Your personal brand can bolster your business brand

While you don’t have to be the face of your company, it pays to add personality to the mix. One of the best ways to do this is to position yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) in your niche. 

Start by adding a blog to your website and filling it with helpful, well-crafted articles. A copywriting agency can help if you’re not a confident writer. Share your posts on social media, and register yourself as an SME on sites like HARO (Help a Reporter Out). This way, journalists can contact you when they need expert comments for articles. 

4. The online world never sleeps

If a customer wants to buy something online at 9 pm but they have some questions about the product, the business that responds quickest will likely win the sale. So, if you don’t have chatbots or 24/7 customer support, you may lose customers to competitors that do. Keep this in mind as you’re allocating funds to different departments in your business. 

5. Many markets are saturated

Based on current trends and expert analysis, 2022 is predicted to close with around US$5.5 trillion made globally by online retailers. Given how large that pile of money is, it’s easy to assume that you’ll have no trouble jumping in and claiming a portion. Of course, that’s what many hopeful business owners are thinking, so be sure to conduct thorough research before leaping into a market that may already be saturated with sellers. 

6. Distractions abound online

The internet is a place of infinite distraction, and this can impact your business in more ways than one. You may find yourself struggling to focus when you should be conducting market research or setting up your website. Even if you’re a master at blocking out day-to-day distractions, you may find yourself constantly wanting to upgrade your website or change your product offerings. While strategic changes can be helpful, try to avoid flitting from one thing to the other for no good reason.  

Keep these things in mind as you plan your new venture, and you’ll be ready to shoot for success in the digital world. 


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