Red Hot Summer Trends For Men

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Red Hot Summer Trends For Men

Next season we welcome the comeback of some dependable favourites, from ripped denim to long shorts, but we have many new arrivals breaking the pile for summer 2019.

So, whether you’re the laidback, go-with-the-flow kind of guy or you pilfer fashion tips from the likes of Kit Harington and David Beckham, we have created a line-up of trend-setting styles, so you can come prepared for summer before it rolls in. Read and learn, Aussie sun seekers.

Shirts and Prints

Put away those plain shirts and say hello to shirts that just got a whole lot more interesting. It’s all about prints now: abstract, polka dots and floral. You name it, the shirt’s got it. Even give the latest Cuban style shirts a go if you’re game enough. But at what point does it become cool for a man to look like his grandma’s sofa? That’s one you’ll have to answer for yourself, but floral is appearing more and more in men’s designer collections. What was once chic for holidaying in the Mediterranean is now seen on more than just shirts. Designers are pouring this print into suit detailing, jackets and even trousers for the more stout-hearted.

Ripped Light Denim Jeans

These are one item of clothing you won’t need to shove away for another summer. Ripped denim is still going strong. But prepare yourself for all different shades of denim. Runways have displayed more than just a rainbow of colours, from bleached assortments to indigo. Maybe wear the brighter ones during the day and stick to darker ripped jeans for evenings out.

Bold Striped and Checked Suits

Expect a whole new twist on your suit this summer. Designers for men’s fashion are really capitalising on bold stripes and checks this season. In fact, checks are being worn from head to toe. Why not pair a checked suit with the printed shirt? Whether you’re a style icon or searching for a trendy Christmas present for your man, you are onto a winner with this dapper combination.

Meanwhile, the pinstripe is making a statement on catwalks. While it was once appropriate for formal gatherings, the pinstripe is enjoying a more diluted look, blending with sporty attire and casual business wardrobe. Now you really can look like Al Pacino in Scarface without being behind the times.

Pastel Sneakers

Sorry, bold sneaker guys, but pastel sneakers are making their mark this summer. You will be able to choose from colours such as salmon, peach, mint, baby blue and beige. Great if you accidentally drop gelato on your shoe. It will blend in nicely.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses are walking the walk this summer. Justin Bieber, Josh Hartnett and Kit Harington have all caught on, sporting rounded aviators with the classic brow bar. But whether you are the classic aviator type of guy or the one who would prefer to go bold, there is a pair of sunglasses out there for you. Whether you want to shell out $20 or blow over $200, you are sure to find a pair to suit.

Pleats in Trousers

At the mention of pleats, you probably have flashbacks of some of the worst menswear fashions of the eighties and nineties but it is time to shed those negative images. Sharp pleats on closely-fitted trousers are less unsightly. You can dress them up or down, wear them casually with a belt and t-shirt. Or suit them up with a jacket to step it up a notch.

Longer Shorts

Shorts never seem to be able to stick to a hem length. But this summer, designers have decided on shorts that fall a few inches below the knee. And channelling the latest shirt and suit designs, shorts are featuring abstract patterns or sporty bold colours.

Wide Leg Linen Trousers

Red Hot Summer Trends For Men

Not just for the comfort factor, wide leg linen trousers are making a comeback. Think of all that breathing room and snug feel of soft linen. If your physique needs more structure to opt for the fitted waistband. Or choose the relaxed waist tie for a more worry-free look.

White Chinos

If Ryan Gosling can pull off the white chinos so can you. With chinos, you have the simple nicely groomed look locked in. With their clean-cut fit and lightweight feel, chinos are the perfect balance between informal and formal. As they are an anchoring piece, you can dress them up with different colours or opt for denim or a pinstripe shirt. Roll up the ankles for a more casual look.


Yes, camouflage is all over Europe this summer. Not only on the streets but runways are showcasing designers’ collections with camouflage print. You will see it in the usual fashion items such as trousers but be prepared for an outbreak of camouflage on accessories, sneakers and jackets. It comes in greens, blues and red, but if you decide to climb on board single out the subtle colours.


Not really a new trend, but for men, neons are becoming bright. We have watched Nike use blinding colours in its running range, but neon is broadening its horizons with chinos, swimwear, accessories and knits. Not only for wallflowers or hipsters, but it is also making an appearance in beach cruisers, gym fanatics and fashion setters.

Casual Blazers

Say goodbye to the skinny suit/blazer and hello to the traditional Italian and British tailored suit. Double-breasted blazers, once on the sidelines, are stepping up to centre stage. Lighter colours like khaki and pastels will be setting the trend. But start collecting a range of single-breasted and double-breasted blazers for everyday wear.

We know men can be reserved in their approach to fashion, but whether you’re a traditional fashion novice or wanting to step outside in attire that shouts fearlessness, consider these summer trends when shopping for your summer wardrobe.

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