How to remove a splinter, the easy way

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How to remove a splinter, the easy way

How to remove a splinter, the easy way is to simply use Elmer’s glue or craft glue. If you ever had a splinter you would know that they are painful, annoying and really hard to remove at times.


People have many ways to remove splinters but some prove to be too hard or painful which render them useless. Depending on the size of the splinter and how far it is in your skin, some methods will work, others will be half successful and some will leave you even sorer than before you started to remove it.


Below is a handy little video demonstrating a really easy method that uses all-purpose non-toxic glue such as Elmer’s which will remove a partially protuding splinter after it dries up.  This technique is painless and actually effective for removing splinters that are partially sticking out form the skin. However, if splinter is deeply imbedded in your skin you’ll have to rely on other techniques.


You have probably heard of methods such as using tweezers, a nail clipper, a needle, baking soda and tape, these are all practical and creative ways of removing splinters. Whichever technique you choose to remove your splinter ensures that you use it carefully.

Do you know any other way to remove splinters? What is you favourite and most effective technique?


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