Stretch for better posture

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Stretch for better posture 

For the majority of us a working day consists of seating at a desk, slaving over our keyboard. This hunched position quickly leads to poor posture – and most important to back aches and pains that result of it.

To help correct this daily slouching, Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up  and author of The Roll Model, shares with us some of her quick stretches that will help us correct our bad posture in the video below #ownshow#.  Miller uses a strap in her example, but says a towel or belt will give you the same effect.

Begin with stretch by taking the towel in both hands and lifting your arms up and over you head. Miller instructs that as you do this “you want to spread your arms as wide as you can so you actually feel the stretch”

After you pull your arms back, about 30 degrees above your shoulders. Miller says, “You should feel stretch across the very front of your chest, all the way through the biceps, across the elbow, into the forearms”.

For the best result and effectiveness of the stretch Miller warns that you keep you ribs right on top of your pelvis.

Miller instructs to hold the stretch for 20 seconds, or three to five breaths.



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