Surprising health mistakes

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Surprising health mistakes

Surprising health mistakes you might be making from the moment you wake up. These mistakes could have serious consequences on your health and your mood. Read on to see if you are making those mistakes and what you can do to improve your health.

Mistake 1- Forget to stretch before you get up


You don’t stretch in bed and forget to get your body supple and ready for your day.  Might sound a bit far fetch but you are demanding too much from your back muscles, which are often stiff from a long night resting in one place.

Getting up too abruptly, may spasm your muscles and put you at risk of lower back pain. In addition, getting up too quickly might cause lightheaded feelings that might put you at risk of stumble.

Do this

Might be an idea to just stretch in bed since this will help warm up your muscles, but it also will get your blood flowing throughout your body so you feel more stable when you get up.

Mistake 2 – Forget to draw your blinds open


Blinds or any kind of blackout shades are useful to help you get to sleep and that’s where their benefits end. To help you start your day in a good and positive mood and to set your internal clock you need sunlight. The added benefit to enjoying morning sunlight as established by a new study it helps you regulate your weight.

Do this

As soon as you finished your stretches and get busy with all the morning preparations pull those blinds right open and take in the morning sunlight.

Mistake3 – Do something that makes you happy


Start your day with a positive frame of mind as it pays off through the whole day. It’s harder to get affected by negative interactions at the office if you come in already with a positive mind set.

Do this

Listen to a couple of jokes or on your way to work or put on your favourite radio station and  blast your kind you music in your playlist, anything to perk up the day before it really gets going.

Mistake 3- procrastinating


Most of us do it and think nothing of it. We set our alarm clocks on only to hit the snooze button to get an extra 10 minutes or so of precious sleep. Now what is wrong with that? Dozing intermittently throws your body off schedule and will make it harder to fall asleep at night.  Stop pressing the snooze button and just get up at the first sound of your alarm clock.

Do this

Simple – get up when your alarms rings and not 10 minutes later. Want to take this on board but don’t know how? Trick your mind by placing your alarm clock somewhere different everynight. It’ll force you to go looking for the alarm clock and before you know it you got off your bed and now you might as well get going.

Mistake 5 – Exercise as soon as you wake up


To jumpstart our metabolism we need to eat within 30 minutes of the time you wake up. Skipping this meal because you want to rush out for your morning exercise before you head to work is not going to do your metabolism any favours. Exercising in an empty stomach is not advisable either.

Do this

Better option is to grab an apple and a glass of water to put a break to your long night famine and thirst. An apple is not filling and will give you energy to exercise better and the water will keep you from dehydrating during your morning exercise


Tina is a DailyStar senior writer. She graduated from Edith Cowan University. Writing has always been something she enjoyed. Her positive outlook colours every aspect of her life. Her motto -Life’s too short so get living.

When she’s not busy writing, Tina is exploring the city she adores, running in her local Park every day, drinking an absurd amount of coffee, taking care of an adorable pup, kids and traveling.

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