Technologically Advanced Equipment Used in Salons and Spas in Australia

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Technologically Advanced Equipment Used in Salons and Spas in Australia

The last decade and a half have seen revolutionary changes in the aesthetic beauty industry all over the world. Skin care and anti-ageing treatments required invasive surgeries and long downtime and recuperation periods. Additionally, an element of scarring was inevitable in surgeries even if the scars were hidden behind the hairline. The costs of treatments too were high. Thus availed of generally by celebrities and the rich, quite outside affordability limits of the common person.

Switch to the modern day scenario prevailing in the beauty sector and the image is radically different. Salons and spas, as well as specialised skin care clinics, have the latest technologically advanced machines that offer affordable procedures. Treatment times have drastically reduced and each session is usually completed in less than an hour and that too for complex processes. Most importantly, patients can resume their normal routines immediately after.

In keeping with this worldwide trend, beauty salons and spas in Australia too have joined the bandwagon. Most of them offer the best of treatments to clients on machines run on state of the art technologies. This is one of the primary reasons why the beauty business in Australia is today seeing an exponential growth.

Here are some of the technologically advanced equipment being used in beauty salons and spas in Australia.

Cryoliporeduction machine

Cryoliporeduction machine













This machine is widely used for fat and cellulite reduction through non-surgical methods. In this process adipose tissue is crystallised and dissolved, leading to a more shapely and fat-free body. Acoustic shock waves directed at the area under treatment ruptures the fibrotic walls of cellulite while simultaneously breaking the adipocyte down without affecting surrounding tissues. Even Grade III cellulite is dissolved with this machine.

IPL Machine

IPL Laser Machine













An IPL machine is multipurpose equipment and can be used for a variety of purposes.

The first is permanent hair removal. Intense pulsed light is directed at the target area. Beams of light enters the top layer of the skin and are attracted to melanin which is the colour pigment of hair situated at the root. Light energy destroys the melanin along with the hair follicle. A number of sessions are required for total and complete permanent hair removal.

The next is skin rejuvenation. A range of blemishes can be eliminated through treatment on this machine. These include acne marks, birth and coffee spots, pigmentation, scars and fine lines and wrinkles. It is also useful for vascular therapies and photo rejuvenation.

All treatments with IPL machines are safe and without any side effects. However, this is possible only when the best of machines are installed and operated by highly trained technicians. Australian Aesthetic Devices is the leading importer and distributor of these machines in the country. The company sources the equipment from top manufacturers from around the world and hence the performance of these machines is one of the best in the beauty industry.

Dermal Pen PRO

This equipment is perfect for treating signs of ageing, coarse-textured skin, pigmentation and scars. The device is shaped like a pen with a high speed rotating head that is embedded with super fine needles. A numbing cream is first applied over the treatment area and the pen is lightly moved over the surface. The needles penetrate the dermis to a depth of 2.5mm causing small micro-injuries below the skin. This triggers production of collagen and elastin that are primarily responsible for a smooth and blemish free skin.

IPL Laser Machine

Studies have shown that about a quarter of Australians have tattoos and 1 in 3 regrets having one on their bodies later. Hence tattoo removal on an IPL laser machine is big business for beauty salons and spas in Australia today. Laser beams targeted at the tattoo from a handheld device enters the surface of the skin and breaks up the ink into small particles. These are then disposed of by the body’s natural processes. It takes a number of sessions for complete and total tattoo removal regardless of the size or colour of the tattoo.

These are some of the technologically advanced beauty equipment used in salons and spas in Australia today.

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