How to tie a Tie in 30 different ways.

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How to tie a Tie in 30 different ways.

One of the rite of passage into manhood is the ability to tie a tie. Every man should know how to tie a tie, especially if you are contemplating being a professional businessman. Knowing how to tie a tie is as important as owing the right business suit or knowing how to match your shirt, tie and shoes to your suit without looking like a packet of Crayola textures.

With a couple rounds of practice you’ll ace the skill, it’s pretty straightforward and gets a bit dull after a while. The basic tie knot is good for you dads and for the dude going on their first job interview. However, once you’ve navigated the world of grown up man you want to throw in a little bit of a ‘je ne sais quoi’ element into your style.

Shirts My Way has put together an impressive list of thirty ways to tie a tie. You probably know how to tie a tie and are wondering what is the point of knowing more. Here are a few reasons why maybe you should learn a handful of them at least.

Want to impress your boss, fellow co-workers and gain a bit of an edge?

Possibly even impress that high-class gal you’ve been eyeing at the Finance department? You can impress in 30 different ways.

Now learn how to tie a tie that will make you stand out.

There are styles like Eldredge, the Fishbone, the Ellie and the Balthus and twenty six other styles you probably haven’t heard of. Each style comes with a handy instructional video, which is real handy for the slow learners who can rewind as often as needed, and is also broken down into four elements – aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty, and knot size.

Here’s the video for the triple-tear style called a Van Wijk Necktie Knot:



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