Travel Must Haves

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Travel Must Haves

Airplane travelling over the years has improved dramatically as we gained more knowledge through experience of what is necessary to make travelling  more comfortable. Wear shoes that can be slipped on or off in less than five seconds, but through the years new products have made flying so much easier.

Here are nine of the most recent products that make flying more pleasant, from lollipops that prevents ear popping to the app that gives you free access to unlimited magazines, if reading is your thing.

1. UrgentRx Fast Powders

Instead of loading up on  paracetamol, pack a credit-card-sized pouch of UrgentRx Fast Powder. Each individual packet contains fruity-flavored medicine powder for ailments including headaches, heartburn and allergies that dissolves on your tongue and works faster than conventional medicine. These credit card-sized packets are a easy and  fast-acting medication that provide right-now relief.

   2. Inflight Reader App

Magazines is so old-school. The free Inflight Reader app allows you to access an unlimited supply of reading material right on your tablet or phone. You’ll be able to instantly download oodles of magazines before your flight, totally for free. You’ll then have 24 hours to read said magazines before they disappear from your device.

  3. Spanx Jeans

The thought of wearing skinny jeans on a cross-country flight is utterly terrifying–but we’re also not ready to go full-on yoga pants in public. Spanx’s Signature Straight denim strikes a healthy balance: stretchy enough for comfort, but stylish enough to wear to dinner when you land.

  4. Queasy Pops

Nauseous travelers, rejoice! Queasy Pops look and taste like ordinary lollies, but they’re made with essential oils designed to keep you away from the barf bag. Even if you’re not feeling motion sickness, the act of sucking will keep your ears from popping during takeoff and landing. Can buy them online.

    5. Colgate Wisp

Catching the red-eye? Address that morning breath without schlepping to the teeny airplane bathroom by packing a Colgate Wisp. Each disposable mini toothbrush has a built-in bead of toothpaste, so you can brush anywhere–no water necessary.

    6. Tylt Energi Power Case

Between reading and playing games your phone is going to get from full to flat in less than half hour. Keep your iPhone or Android from dying with the Tylt Energi Power Case. The slim slide-on rechargeable battery will give your device an extra nine hours of juice, so your phone won’t be dead when you reach your destination.

    7. Dust It Powder

“Hi,” your hair says. “I’ve been on a plane for half a day, and I’m frizzy, oily and all-around gross.” Tame your locks with Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It powder. It not only soaks up grease but also adds volume and holds hair in place, buying time until you’re able to take a proper shower.

     8. Compression socks.

Sure, they may be a staple of your grandmother’s wardrobe, but wearing the snug-fitting hosiery on a long flight or car ride can help boost your circulation and prevent swelling.  Don a pair–preferably with a fun-print and your legs will thank you.


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