Travel Tips – 5 Things Long-Term Travellers Need To Know About

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Travel Tips – 5 Things Long-Term Travellers Need To Know About

For the more restless among us, heading overseas for two weeks here and a month there; just isn’t enough to satisfy the deep desire we have to explore our amazing planet. If you’re gearing up to join the world’s far-flung family of vagabonds; the following five tips will help you enjoy a smooth transition to long-term travel. Travel tips – 5 things long-term travellers need to know about.

1. Perfect your working arrangements

Travelling doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to working on airport floors, in crowded coffee shops, or cooped up in your accommodation. You will find serviced office solutions and co-working locations in every part of the world nowadays. Most providers offer flexible plans; that allows you to secure yourself a beautiful, modern, fully serviced office space from which to conduct your business. In addition to all these benefits, you’ll be meeting like-minded people in every place you visit. Who knows what opportunities this could open up?

2. Snag discount travel insurance

When travelling long-term, insurance costs can become astronomical if you go with the companies that cater to short-term travellers. If you’ve never had to use your policy; it can be tempting to let it lapse and hope for the best. However, as someone who came down with typhoid in South East Asia despite having been vaccinated (yes, that can happen). Subsequently, was involved in a motorbike accident (how’s that for bad luck?), I can tell you with certainty that travel insurance is essential

Find a company that offers a discount for long-term travellers, which typically offer fantastic discounts for 6 and 12-month policies. As always, you need to check the inclusions to be sure you’re covered for everything you need. If you plan on riding a bike or scooter or engaging in any other higher-risk activity, ensure you have it covered.

3. Find local apps

Before heading to a new country, take some time to research the local apps. Trips to South East Asia, for example, are made easier and cheaper with Grab, an app that allows you to order food, car rides, motorbike rides, and more. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Turo is an excellent option for those wanting to rent a car without being stung for the insanely high insurance fees. The nation’s rental companies will apply when you arrive to pick up the vehicle (they will insist on these fees, even if your travel insurance policy covers car rental). Most countries or regions have their own platforms, so do your research and your life will be that much simpler.

4. Check expiry dates

If you’re planning on long-term travel, you need to account for the fact that you may end up staying overseas longer than you anticipated (travel is highly addictive). This means ensuring that you have plenty of time before your passport, credit card, travel money card, and any other important documents or cards expire. You do not want to be stuck overseas with no way to access your funds.

5. Finesse your finances

On the topic of money, it’s worth doing a bit of research before you go and finding yourself a card designed for travellers that will offer you free ATM withdrawals, low fees, and a competitive currency conversion rate. As the months go by, the savings you make from these features will add up to a surprisingly large amount.

Also, make sure you inform your financial institutions of your travel plans. This will ensure they don’t flag your transactions as suspicious, which can result in your card being blocked or even eaten by an ATM!

Cover these five essential steps and you’ll be ready to launch into the endless travel lifestyle.

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