The Ugly Truth Of The Internet World

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The Ugly Truth Of  The Internet World

Internet is the perfect medium for trolls to flourish, bravest only behind the anonymity of their computers. The Internet is a cruel world for those who show imperfections. Social media has become a way of life and the modern way to communicate and perceive the world. A world that is often enhanced with help of makeup, Photoshop and camera angles, and a world that falls under harsh scrutiny at times.

As in the case of Em Ford, beauty blogger, who three months ago decided to post photos of her on social media without any makeup and expose her acne face. Over 100,000 people commented on her face, which ranged from cruel, rude to harsh and insensitive. In response, Em Ford decided to make a video that went viral, titled #YouLookDisgusting, that captured some of the comments she had from people all over the world.

Many girls often use makeup to disguise skin problems, such as acne problems or other skin problems that cause them a lot of stress, and self esteem issues. In the past these girls or women were teased, told they were ugly or disgusting because of their skin imperfections. It’s not surprising that these same women use makeup to conceal a problem that makes it almost impossible for them to lead a normal life without being humiliated, bullied, teased or called names.

In their case using makeup is not an act of vanity or deception as perceived by many but an act of making their life bearable.

This girl’s bravery has to be commended and applauded as it took a lot of courage to expose herself to people’s insensitive rant.

Em Ford ends the video with a positive message; ‘You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.’

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