What Are the Safest Countries to Visit When Traveling Abroad?

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What Are the Safest Countries to Visit When Traveling Abroad?

Exploring exotic destinations and immersing yourself in different cultures can lead to life-changing experiences. However, safety is a primary concern for many travellers when venturing abroad. You might be a new traveller looking to explore alone. In this case, you would want to ensure that wherever you travel, you will be well taken care of and protected. If you’re looking to get away without apprehension, several countries are renowned for low crime rates, stability, and meticulous attention to security. What are the safest countries to visit when travelling abroad?


Iceland is an exceptionally peaceful country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Icelander’s value security and social welfare, ensuring a safe environment for citizens and visitors. Thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure, emergency services on hand, and strict building codes, you can unwind amid stunning waterfalls, glaciers, and the Northern Lights without concern. The capital Reykjavik is a delight to explore on foot, with colourful houses, an exciting culinary scene, and vibrant nightlife under the midnight sun. So, whether you’re concerned with your own safety or the safety of your family, you can rest assured knowing that you can spend your time safely exploring these wonders rather than worrying about your possible threats. 


Switzerland is synonymous with the majestic Swiss Alps, delectable chocolate, and an unwavering dedication to safety. Swiss cities are remarkably secure, with strong law enforcement and civic-minded residents. An ultra-efficient rail system, roads, and emergency response teams enable worry-free travel throughout the country. It is likely a region you want to visit during the snowy season? But the winters can be intense there. Will you be safe? Absolutely! In winter, you can carve down world-class ski slopes, while summer offers verdant meadows just waiting to be hiked. Switzerland soothes the soul in any season you visit with stunning vistas behind each bend.

New Zealand

If you’re after natural splendour, few places rival New Zealand. This adventure lover’s paradise boasts dense rainforests, volcanic plateaus, fjords, and over 15,000 miles of coastline. New Zealand maintains the highest safety standards for outdoor activities and tourism operators. You can bungy jump, zip line, kayak, or hike the Great Walks through enchanted scenery with full confidence in the regulatory frameworks. Off the trails, Kiwi cities captivate visitors with vibrant restaurants, cafes, and nightlife. The laid-back locals will quickly make you feel at ease in their slice of paradise.

The Nordic Region

The Nordic countries are renowned for pristine wilderness, financial security, and an enviable work-life balance. Norway, Finland, and Denmark offer captivating scenery, from Norway’s fjords to Finland’s Lake District and Denmark’s pastoral countryside. Crime rates are among the lowest in the world here, and the social welfare system provides stability. You can take on cycling in Denmark, spot reindeer in Finland, or kayak through Norway’s coastal islands without care. Once you visit the Nordic region, you might be one of many who relocate permanently because of the solidarity and the peace that brews here. So, calculate your total travel expenses using a private jet cost estimator, make an itinerary, and get the luxury experience of a lifetime.


Japan flaunts its status as one of the safest countries, with disciplined citizens, low crime, and spotless streets. Japan’s punctual rail system enables efficient travel between vibrant cities filled with culture, cuisine, commerce, and tradition. From buzzing Tokyo to the tranquil temples of Kyoto, Japan fascinates at every turn with its blend of neon-lit modernity and ancient history. You will never be bored!  You can lose yourself in the organized chaos of Shibuya Crossing or find solitude in picturesque gardens – all with the reassuring knowledge of Japan’s security and civic-minded spirit.


Whether you seek adventure or repose, natural splendour, or cultural delights, there are havens on Earth where you can savour worry-free moments. While life’s beauty often lies in the unknown, it’s comforting to know that places exist where safety is sovereign and tranquillity reigns. Everyone could use a little haven on the horizon in our turbulent times. These countries open their arms to visitors looking for beauty and respite, beyond a doubt, secure in their vision of society. Where will your safe travels take you? The world awaits.

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