What to Pack for a Family Short Trip

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What to Pack for a Family Short Trip

If you are not properly organized, travelling with kids can turn into an endless nightmare and a short weekend can become an eternity. This is why it is important to invest as much energy into preparation as you would into the trip itself. You need to be packed with all the supplementary material according to the age of your kids and be ready for every conceivable scenario. While it is impossible to cover everything without knowing the idiosyncrasies of the family. Here is some basic advice on what to pack for a family short trip.

Think in doubles

What to Pack for a Family Short Trip

If we are talking about short family trips, these are generally weekend getaways. Therefore, if you are going on a trip with your kids. You should pack accordingly but with one important caveat – think in doubles. Here’s what this is all about – children tend to play a lot and get into some mild trouble. From time to time, they tend to soil or tear their clothes.

This is why it is important after you’ve assessed the basic number of clothing items you’ll need for those two days, to double it. At least for the kids. In order to stay organized, dedicate one suitcase for the “extra stuff” and keep it all in there. Best case scenario – you won’t have to open the bag until you’ve returned home, though you should know this is highly unlikely.

A practical medical kit

If you are going on a family road trip, a practical medical kit packed in one of the suitcases (or separately) is mandatory. The more family members you have, the bigger this medical kit will be; however, don’t overcompensate – you do not have to carry an entire hospital in a bag. Think about practical things – disinfectant spray, light antibiotic, two bottles of painkillers (one for adults, one for kids), and sun protection cream. Paracetamol is probably the best painkiller for your kids. As far as additional amenities go. You should probably consider anti-diarrhea medicine, some high-quality insect repellents coupled with sting cream, gauze and plasters.

A matter of baby bags and accessories

What to Pack for a Family Short Trip

If you have a baby, the first thing you have to think about is the most practical and comfy way to carry it around. Packing the bulky hand-carrier can take up too much space and it is simply not practical. Since it is important to stay mobile without compromising the comfort of the baby, consider finding a hands-free organic baby carrier that best suits your needs. As far as other baby accessories go.  You’ll either need to dig up the old baby bag from your older children for the trip, or, if you are a first-time parent, purchase one.

A baby bag will be one of your greatest allies when it comes to managing a baby and you shouldn’t leave for a family trip without it, no matter how short it appears to be. Most bulky baby things should fit into one of the suitcases.  A handy bag needs a sample of everything so you would be prepared while you are out and about. Containing a few extra diapers, a bottle, bibs and beakers. As well as disinfectant and baby sunscreen are only some of the basic items that spring to mind.

Pack backup documents into one of the adult travel bags

What to Pack for a Family Short Trip

Having proper documentation for any trip – even a short one – is crucial. Best you ensure there are some backups in case someone’s ID gets lost or passport disappears. These sorts of inconveniences, when travelling with a family, can open the door to a universe of problems previously unfathomed. So, go out of your way to print out copies of your travelling documentation. Put them in a waterproof bag or file and place them at the very bottom of your bulkiest travelling bag.

Furthermore, there is also an option to create digital copies of your documentation which you can put on the flash drive and carry around on your keychain. This flash drive should always be with the spouse that is markedly more responsible. Avoid placing such a flash drive into a wallet where you keep the cash necessary for the trip. What if the wallet gets lost? You’ll end up stripped for cash and backup docs and with kids on your hands. Separate such crucial items so you’ll have some semblance of damage control. Of course, these copies can also be stored on the cloud, which is emerging as the safest method of accessing them without the danger of losing them.

Getting your family moving and keeping everything in order on a short trip can truly feel like a complex military operation. You have to consider a variety of scenarios and tactics and look for proper solutions before the unthinkable happens. Above all else, you need to manage your kids while you are introducing them to the unfamiliar environment. Even if you are travelling to a location you are familiarized with, the factor of unpredictability always lurks. However, these are also experiences that bond your family and introduce your children to this chaotic world. Therefore, they are a crucial part of their development. If you are well prepared and packed for every occasion, you should be absolutely fine.

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