Why we need to say No more often

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Why we need to say No more often

It’s hard to say ‘no’. Why?

Using this word makes us feel guilty, embarrassed even. We don’t like to upset people. We like to please people. Sometimes it’s just easier to say ‘yes’. However, it comes at a cost, a personal cost. Why we need to say no more often and is not a selfish personal pursue. Saying no can be beneficial to one’s mental health.

Don’t put yourself second and don’t ignore your heart and mind or that gut feeling telling you to say ‘no’. Think about the time you gain to do things for yourself once you start using no more. There are many benefits that justify using no.

1. Free time for yourself and your mental balance

Why we need to say No more often

When we give a ‘yes’ when there ought to be a ‘no’, we over compromise and it can heave havoc in our mental state and our happiness. Over compromising can make us feel trapped into doing things we really didn’t feel like doing. We relinquish control and neglect our needs by making them less important. Until it’s all too much and you start feeling stressed, overwhelmed and resentful.
Say ‘no’ more often and make time for you and things that you like and bring you pleasure.

2. You’ll be more productive

By turning down things you don’t want to do, you gain time to do things that you like. It could be as simple as taking up that pilates class you have been wanting to for months. Rushing around doing a million things at once is stressful and exhausting. It is far better to do one thing with time, love and presence. If it means saying ‘no’ to a few things, so be it, it’s best for your mind’s health.

3. Teaches you to handle people’s reactions

Why we need to say No more often

People will react with disappointment or make you feel guilty on the spot as you say ‘no’ to their request – it’s human nature. Some will get angry at you or even judge you. Expect it. This will also bring to light those people who are truly your friends because although they might not like that you say no, they will understand that you have the right to say no. These friends will stand by you no matter how many ‘nos’ you use.

4. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you a jerk

Why we need to say No more often

Shake that thought off right now. We all say ‘no’ every so often and it’s absolutely ok. There are times where we need time alone.  True friends will understand and respect your boundaries. They will understand that you’re doing what is best for you.

Of course, if you really want to help out or you have been asked to do something that you are going to enjoy, then say ‘yes’. Any other time, learn to say ‘no’ when you think that you need more time for yourself. Value your life and make time to do things that really matter to you.

There are also, of course, a variation in how you can decline something. You might want to say “Sorry, I can’t make that work.” or ” Sorry, I have something else on.” or suggest someone who might be better suited ” Actually, Peter would be perfectly suited to help you with this.”
Different situations will fit various responses, so try some phrases out and see what resonates.

Saying ‘no’ will free up your time and will have you give more attention to your priorities and make you a happier person. Remember that you are important.

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