Workspace Design Trends That Would Increase Your Productivity

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Workspace Design Trends That Would Increase Your Productivity

What’s the most important thing for you when you’re working? While some need privacy and peace to concentrate, others love to be surrounded with an inspiring group of people. Regardless of your preferred surroundings for work, there are certain dos and don’ts if you’re hoping to be more focused and productive at work. We give you a brief list of things which will help you increase your productivity in the office.

Break rooms

Productivity in the past meant that you have to sit at your desk all day with your head down if you wanted to get any work done. Today, you can be productive even if you take a five-minute break to talk to your colleagues because this way you will get to have a relaxing small talk and exchange ideas with each other. Having a small nook where you can talk to your coworkers or just close your eyes and relax for a couple of minutes after a difficult task has been bugging you for hours is perfect. Since we have been drinking coffee at work for more than a century, most break rooms include a coffee machine, and it’s a great chance to ‘take five’ and go back to work calmer, happier after a cup of fresh coffee.

The right furniture

Workspace Design Trends That Would Increase Your Productivity:the right furniture

At one point, it seemed like the best idea to have a lazy bag instead of an office chair – it’s fun and comfortable, there’s nothing wrong with it, right? When you’re looking to get any work done, you should have the right furniture: spacious desks, ergonomic office chairs, lockable cabinets, and magnetic whiteboards. The furniture you have at home and love might be great for relaxing when you come back from your office, but inside the office, you need things which will keep you focused. You can’t stay focused and productive if your back hurts from an uncomfortable position and you keep looking for your papers all around.

Going green

Workspace Design Trends That Would Increase Your Productivity:going green

Anyone who has had to work in an office that has no windows can tell you how important natural light is for your overall comfort at work. Having big windows to let the sun illuminate your workspace is great for keeping employees happier. Another great way to brighten up the atmosphere while making everyone more productive is to bring in some potted plants. Not only are plants affordable and attractive décor for your office, but at the same time they purify the air, increase creativity, and reduce stress. Big bouquets of cut flowers may be more colorful, but potted plants last longer and they are by far a more sustainable option.

Don’t get too personal

Personalized workspace is great for a number of reasons: it reminds you why you work hard and it makes you feel like you’re at home. That can also be a bad thing – you don’t want to feel like you’re at home because at home you relax, watch TV, eat, and rest. At work, you should be productive, but that is difficult if you have too many memorabilia lying around your desk and in every drawer. Display your memorabilia professionally: bring in photos of your family, framed baseballs, and your own special coffee mug, but try not to turn your workspace into your second living room – it will distract you from doing your job properly.

Playful spaces

Workspace Design Trends That Would Increase Your Productivity:personal space

In the office, people act professionally: they are focused, balanced, and somewhat cold, even if in reality they are lighthearted and playful. As wise as this may seem, these ‘work personalities’ can result in smothered creativity. Being playful helps people relax and connect with each other, and this is one of the main reasons why a number of companies include amenities, such as slides, basketball courts, and sand volleyball pits into their workspace. Even companies that don’t have enough space manage to get something similar by having multipurpose spaces: they usually design dining areas in such way that employees can eat as well as mingle and recharge their batteries.

It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or in the company’s office building, having your own workspace is incredibly important. That space should be the reflection of who you are; it should inspire you to work hard, but still be peaceful enough to allow you to relax when your stress levels are through the roof. By changing your workspace design, not only will you be more productive, but you will have a healthier lifestyle too.


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