10 Things Blokes can do to Become Instantly hotter

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10 Things Blokes can do to Become Instantly hotter

Want to up your dating game? Then you need to transform your look. Guess what, it can be done overnight. These are things you already know how to do but haven’t invested time or effort into them. Now that you know they are the very things that are going to take you from ‘Meh’ to hot, there’s no time to waste. These are the 10 things blokes, like you, can do to become instantly hotter:

 1. Iron your clothes

Clothes look so much better on when all the wrinkles have been ironed out. You’ll look sharper, smart and hotter.

2. Find a good tailor

A good tailor is your best friend. You can spend tireless and aimless hours shopping for the right suit to fit you. Or you can find yourself a good tailor. Your tailor will tailor your suit to your dimensions. And you’ll look hot AF because there’s nothing sexier than a man wearing a suit that fits.

3.  Slim down your jeans

Jeans need to look good on, just follow the tips in the video above and you’ll look good in your ordinary jeans.

4. Pairing socks with shoes

Sure women will notice your socks. There’s something off-putting about wearing the wrong coloured socks. How can a woman trust you if you can’t even choose the right socks? Follow this easy guideline to match the right colour of socks with your shoes and outfits.

5. Polish your shoes

Polish your shoes, this one move will elevate your look. Every once in a while give your shoes a quick clean and polish them.

6. Get a hair cut

Get a haircut that makes you feel good and suits you. You should look at getting a hair cut regularly, not once or maybe twice a year.

7. Find a scent that suits you

Smelling good is part of the human attraction. Women have an acute sense of smell and they will smell you before they can see you.

8.  Clip your fingernails

Clip those damn nails before a date. Nothing sends creepy vibes like long, unkempt fingernails. She’ll be all creeped out and don’t even think of trying to touch her.

9. Clean your room & change your bed sheets

Your boudoir can say a lot about you. A tidy room and clean sheets are the difference between someone spending the night or fleeing the scene (literally).

10. Be a good communicator & don’t answer texts

There’s nothing more important than giving her your full attention. So don’t text while you’re on a date with someone. Have a handful of questions ready and even a joke or two in case things get quiet. This could be the difference between a one date and many following.

These simple 10 things can transform you from the guy that never gets a look, to the guy that will turn girl’s heads for a second look.

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