How to Dress for a Successful Job Interview

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How to Dress for a Successful Job Interview

We all know just how much first impressions matter, especially when it comes to job interviews. No matter which high-profile university you graduated from and how much relevant work experience you have.  The fact is that if you show up for a job interview in a sloppy outfit, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get the job. Depending of course, on what type of job you are applying for, this is how to dress for a successful job interview.

While there are some obvious rules – like don’t show up in sneakers, shorts or inappropriate clothes – not every company requires its employees to wear smart suits every day. This is due to the fact that not every job is corporate.

Nowadays, it’s important to understand the company culture. Basically, depending on the company and the position you’re applying for, you’ll need to adjust your outfit so here are some tips on what to wear for a job interview.

A job in the fashion industry


How to Dress Job Interview-A job in the fashion industry

Whether you’re applying for the position of a merchandiser, fashion editor, stylist or designer, this is the place where you’ll probably be judged the most by the clothes you’re wearing. However, just because you’re applying for a job in the fashion industry, it doesn’t mean you should show up in a runway-ready outfit. Many believe that they need to show up in a super-edgy, over-the-top outfit, but this can be a big mistake. Instead, create an outfit that will look both stylish and presentable. For example, keep the clothes simple, but opt for smart accessories, like a stylish bag, good shoes and interesting jewellery.

A job in the finance industry

When it comes to interviews in the finance industry, not much has changed and that means that no matter whether the position is in accounting, insurance, banking or consulting, a conservative and professional look is the way to go. Make sure that your outfit is fitted and tailored appropriately (so, no skirts shorter than knee-length) and avoid bright colours. Also avoid open-toed shoes with a super high-heel, as well as extravagant accessories.

A client-based corporate job

Dressing for this type of position might be the trickiest considering that not only will you be interacting with your colleagues, but you’re also expected to represent your company to clients with whom you’ll probably have close contact on a daily basis. This means you should stick to rules such as not using too much makeup or a strong perfume and keeping your hairstyle clean and simple. It’s also important to pay attention to your outfit. For example, you’ll never see good sales recruiters wearing outfits with bright colours or busy prints or anything sheer or low cut. So, for your interview, keep it classy and professional, because you want you to leave an impression and not your outfit.

A job in the tech industry

How to Dress for a Successful Job Interview

If you don’t like wearing smart suits and are looking for a job as an engineer, designer or anything IT related, you’re in luck because this industry is where you get to wear something more relaxed. As a matter of fact, if you do show up in a corporate-style suit you’ll automatically stand out from everyone else and your interviewers might think you know nothing about this industry. While this doesn’t mean you should show up for an interview in sweatpants and tube top, you shouldn’t overdress either. Opt for a stylish skirt or dark denim jeans; add a blazer or simple sweater and some accessories.

A creative job

If you are looking for a position where you can get your creativity going, like writer, editor, graphic designer or art director means you can get creative with your outfit but it’s still best not to go over the top. So while you should show your personality through your clothes, you shouldn’t show too much of it so tone it down a bit and stick to a comfortable, yet professional look.

Remember to do really good research on the company you’re going to for an interview and always try on the outfit you’re planning to wear to the interview; that way you’ll get to check what kind of an impression you’ll leave and make any possible changes if necessary.

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