3 Contemporary Ironing Boards That Are Highly Popular

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3 Contemporary Ironing Boards That Are Highly Popular

Well, an ironing board is a piece of essential equipment that every household has. An ironing board’s purpose is to keep clothes flat and wrinkles ironed out. Ironing board consist of a rounded point at one end, making it effortless to iron trouser legs and shirt sleeves. The ironing surface consists of a flat metal base that is covered by a foam pad and often shielded by a decorative cover made of heat-resistant cloth material. As such, the foam pad contains small vent holes to facilitate the steam to get into clothes and then escape. These are the 3 contemporary ironing boards that are highly popular.

The other end of the board contains a heatproof area wherein you can place a hot iron. An intelligently-designed iron-rest is big enough to hold the iron securely and eliminate any risk of falling. Modern ironing boards are reinvented with added features to make ironing effortless. It comes with sleeves that are around two feet long and six to eight inches wide, connected to the board, for ironing sleeves and small parts of clothing.

3 Highly Popular Ironing Boards Of The Modern-Day

Wall-mounted, table-top and portable are the three different ironing boards that are highly sought-after. Let us find out more about each of these ironing boards.

1. Table-Top Ironing Boards

The table-top ironing board intended to sit above the table-top or benchtop, and it has short legs. This type of ironing board is a hit with dormitory students as it can be carried around easily and set up in a confined space. But this type of ironing board does not facilitate clothes to be placed correctly on it as they are too small. You will experience issues when ironing sleeves or anything that requires to fit around the end of the ironing board.

2. Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards

Wall-mounted ironing boards are gaining popularity all over. It folds out from the wall or storage space. It is convenient and handy in apartments and small homes where space is restricted because they can be stored aside almost flat against the wall. You can install wall-mounted ironing board in laundry space, enclosed areas, or even in walk-in storage space. Wall-mounted ironing boards are preferred even in bigger homes because they are handy. They save you valuable time – you can position them or put aside within a few seconds. Wall-mounted ironing boards are robust and durable, and you can turn it out at any angle into the most favourable position for ironing.

3. Portable Ironing Boards

You can effortlessly move a portable ironing board to any room in your home where you want to do the ironing. They come with extendable legs that fold out for use and fold inside for storage, portable ironing boards designed to be both lightweight and robust. Light-weight so you can effortlessly move it around, and robust so it will not break while ironing. A distinct benefit it offers is the capability to adjust its height as per the requirement of the user. However, it can get inconvenient not only to carry this type of an ironing board but also to set it up.

The Bottom Line

An ironing board is a vital accessory that your laundry room should have. It will make your work a lot easier and organised. Besides, you will have ironed clothes ready whether you want to go to your office or an outing on the weekends!

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