4 Reasons You Need A Ride-On Scrubber In Your Workplace

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4 Reasons You Need A Ride-On Scrubber In Your Workplace

Whether you work in the food & beverage industry, run a shopping centre, manage an aged care facility or own a car park. Health, safety and cleanliness are a key part of your day to day operations. When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, working smarter and not harder is essential.

Ride-on scrubbers are a fantastic way of doing just that. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at 4 top reasons to use a ride on scrubber in your workplace.

 1. It covers large facilities and surface areas

Ride-on-scrubbers are generally more robust than their walk-behind counterparts. They are fantastic for larger facilities such as warehouses, airport terminals, runways and shopping malls.

These kinds of scrubbers also come in various shapes and sizes from smaller commercial cleaners to larger industrial scrubbers. So even if you have tough nooks and crannies within your large facility, you can get the job done.

You can get a ride on scrubbers that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use as well as some that can do both. They also come in a variety of power options such as petrol, LPG, battery and diesel.

So whether you run a hotel, school, hospital, construction site, warehouse or car park, you can find a ride on scrubber that suits your space.

2. It’s faster

 Ride on scrubbers can cover the surface area in a fraction of the time that you’d need to clean it manually or even with a walk-behind scrubber. Proven for toughness and cleaning performance, they are extremely user-friendly and can help you and your team maintain exceptionally high standards of cleanliness in less time.

So when you can get the job done quicker AND to a higher standard, why wouldn’t you choose a ride-on scrubber?

 3. It’s more energy efficient

Using commercial and industrial scrubbers are far more energy efficient than manual cleaning. And whilst walk-behind scrubbers are better than the manual option, ride-on scrubbers require even less effort from your staff.

Once your staff is trained to safely operate these machines, it takes very little energy. This is not only better for your staff’s health and wellness but it is also likely to increase their productivity as well as the quality of their work.

It stands to reason that they are less likely to miss a spot and do a more thorough job if they’re just sitting comfortably at the wheel rather than having to manually operate or physically remove dust, dirt and grime themselves!

4.  It is more cost effective

You’ve probably already realised that when something takes less time, less energy and increases efficiency… it’s good for your bottom line. And that’s exactly what ride-on scrubbers do. They increase productivity by helping you and your staff complete your cleaning processes in a fraction of the time with far less energy and help maintain higher standards of cleanliness than manual cleaning ever could. This reduces your labour costs and frees up time for your staff to do other things. And all of this combined save you money.

Ride-on-scrubbers are a fantastic asset for any company that requires floor cleaning. They are ideal for larger facilities such as warehouses or hospitals and can also be used outside in airport runways or car parks.

Ride on scrubbers cover larger surface areas in less time, require less energy, maintain a higher standard of cleanliness and save you money. So if you’ve been considering getting a ride-on scrubber for your workplace, it really is a no-brainer!

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