4 Things First-Time Car Trailer Buyers Need To Consider

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4 Things First-Time Car Trailer Buyers Need To Consider

Are you purchasing a car trailer for the first time? Well, you need to know four vital things attached to a car trailer purchase, which will help you to buy the right car trailer for your needs. Here are 4 things first-time car trailer buyers need to consider.

  • Material  – Aluminium Or Steel Trailers
  • Type – Enclosed Or Open Trailers
  • Size – What Is The Right Car Trailer Size
  • Weight – What Is The Ideal Car Trailer Weight

1. Material  – Aluminium Or Steel Trailer

Aluminium is pricier than steel; however, it is lighter than steel. Though aluminium commands a higher price tag, they are rust-proof, durable and long-lasting, so they are worth the extra cost you pay for.

Comparatively, steel isn’t inferior either, and they also provide sturdy quality trailer. Steel is also sturdy and durable, but you will have to care and maintain it – for instance, you may have to repair any damage at the earliest so that it remains protected from corrosion or rust formation.

2. Type of Trailer – Enclosed Or Open

To buy an enclosed or open trailer is a crucial decision to make. Open car trailers costs less, so they are considerably cost-effective; cost savings could go up to half of the cost of an enclosed car trailer. Depending on the distance you plan to tow your car on the open road will help you decide between purchasing an open and enclosed car trailer. However, if you want to buy an open trailer to haul your car, then stone guards that block the main trailer deck from road rubble and debris could be an excellent choice.

Comparatively, enclosed car trailers provide complete protection from the elements and can facilitate permanent storage for the car. Besides, enclosed trailers can safeguard your car’s exteriors from possible damage resulting from stones and other road debris. Enclosed trailers are preferred by people who plan to travel from one state to another.

3. Size – What Is The Right Car Trailer Size

The size of the car trailer that you need to buy will depend on:

  • The size of your car that you need to haul,
  • How many cars you want to tow at the same time (one, two etc.), 
  • And your budget.

4. Weight – What Is The Ideal Car Trailer Weight

The weight of your car trailer will determine the type of tow vehicle required and the load it can move. Older, classic cars are hefty compared to a modern race car that is track-ready. It is crucial to ascertain the weight of your car or cars that you want to haul to narrow down the right car haulier trailer. Besides, you must know the towing capacity of your car or truck when determining the trailer weight you want.

Get Custom Car Trailer

Well, you will find reputed car trailer manufacturers in Newcastle who can custom build car trailer as per your needs and budget. Moreover, these custom car haulier trailers made to provide protection and safety. You will need dependable and safe car haulier trailers when you want to carry a single car or multiple cars.

Besides, you will also get the option to choose from painted or galvanised trailer in Newcastle. Galvanised trailer is a bit pricier than painted, but it will keep corrosion and rust away and requires little maintenance.

Established trailer manufacturers can design custom flatbed car trailer and integrate safety features such as mechanical or electric brakes, tube sides and side rails, and flat steel sides with tie-down points and clearance lights for added safety. Moreover, custom car trailers come fitted with crucial features like the slide-out ramps, tilt, straight-floor or beaver-tail, and winches to load and unload vehicles effortlessly.

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