5 Different Types of Dresses You Find in a Dress Boutique

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5 Different Types of Dresses You Find in a Dress Boutique

Clothes these days are not only meant to cover us. Rather they are chosen in a way that they give a reflection of our personality. Dresses, for example, have become a rage among women over the last couple of years. Whether you go to a formal event or a casual day out. You will certainly come across a large percentage of women wearing different kinds of dresses. There are so many kinds of elegant dresses these days. Creative and talented designers have come up with dress boutique which can get you customised dress just for your style and body type and size. They say that there is a certain dress out there for each and every event of life.

If you planning to go to a dress boutique to find the right dress, this article will guide you to make the right decision.

1) Midi dress


two models in midi dresses


A midi dress is a dress which is made to enhance the calf area with a length falling somewhere between the ankle and the knee. The silhouettes of the 50s inspired designers to explore more of the popular midi dresses. This kind of dress looks perfect on women with height and it can be worn at almost all formal or casual occasions. Midi dress designs, hues, fabric and styles cater to work as well as casual occasions. The dress boutique found in almost every city never goes out of stock of midi dresses as they are a staple for many.

2) Maxi dress




Maxi dresses are simple, comfortable, chic and savvy. Whether you are out running your errands or brunching out with your buddies, maxi dresses can never go wrong. Wearing maxi dresses, you can give yourself a style with comfort for an all-day outing.  While looking for a maxi dress at a dress boutique, you can find a huge variety of colours, patterns, fabrics and necklines to choose from. You can simply pair it up with any kind of accessories you desire.

3) Skater dress

Skater dresses are the ones which form a complete circle and just skim on top of the thigh and hips with a top which is perfectly fitted. If you are someone sophisticated and fashionable, then skater dresses are the best choice. These dresses are available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. You can wear them with the right footwear and accessories to further accentuate your looks. Exploring any dress boutique will help you find one for your wardrobe.

5 Different Types of Dresses You Find in a Dress Boutique-Boutique Dresses

4) Sheath dress

These are sheath dresses gives an unadorned and simple look. They hug the body and falls right below the knee. These structured pieces look excellent in both office and formal events. Tweaking it up for different events is necessary.

5) Bodycon dress

Figure hugging dress


Bodycon dresses provide a figure-hugging appearance. They are stretchy and feminine in their appearance. If you are the owner of an hourglass figure, then you can go for a Bodycon dress. Whether you are going for an evening reception, corporate event or a cocktail party these are a perfect choice. Explore any dress boutique and find a Bodycon dress that best suits your personality. It is always recommended that you try some Bodycon dresses before you make the final choice.

These were the primary 5 types of dresses which are most popular among women. When you visit a dress boutique, you will be amazed to see the huge variety of such dresses available for sale. Discover yourself in new ways by trying out different styles for different occasions. Take the help of designers and style experts to accentuate your best sides. You will be surprised how your confidence boosts up wearing the right kind of dress.

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