5 Exhilarating Reasons To Go On A Road Trip To Australia

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5 Exhilarating Reasons To Go On A Road Trip To Australia

Whether you are an Aussie or a foreigner touring Australia, you certainly know that the country poses interesting sights and insights while on travel. For an Aussie, it is cool to look and explore their own backyard. For those visiting Australia for the first time, you’ll find many who will recommend you to rent a car and get going on an adventurous road trip to the varied provinces. You can certainly explore the outback, the beaches, the wildlife, the breathtaking cities, and even the sporting arenas and grounds

Known as the land of the sun and surfing, Australia has the driest inhabited continent, one of the longest coastlines compared to any coastline in the world. It also houses several quirky small towns and also sporting aficionados who love their Australian Football League as much as the EPL, where they repeatedly try to follow and visit live. If you are keen to explore EPL as an Australian, Sports Where I am is one of the platforms that can help you out!

To explore Australia in its holistic spirit, here are 5 exhilarating reasons that will push you for the road trip. Listed below are 5 exhilarating reasons to go on a road trip tp Australia.

1. The Outback

Australia’s iconic outback has attracted visitors since time immemorial and inspired people to explore the country and continent by road. Spanning thousands of kilometres and five huge states, one can certainly witness magnificent yet strange landscapes. If you are travelling with a friend, you can plan a trip to New South Wales’ towns such as Broken Hill to witness the outback in all its glory. The ghost town of Silverton is quite popular too while the sunset at the Living Desert is sure to make unforgettable memories.

2. The beautiful coastline

Australia also has the longest coastline in the world spanning thousands of kilometres that have convinced people to explore the coast from all over the world. A large percentage of Aussies live on the coast. The most popular coastline space to visit is Tasmania’s Bay of Fires along with the equally beautiful Western Australia’s Cape Le Grand. It is tough to have a pick in terms of a favourite beach in Australia, but the Great Ocean Road comes close to be a perfect beach followed by the Far North Queensland beach that houses the wonderful Great Barrier Reef in close proximity.

3. World-famous cities

Although Australia does not have a large number of cities compared to other countries, every metropolitan centre here retains its distinct character. One could discover Sydney harbour and graffiti-covered laneways, which are a common sight in Melbourne. The ‘River City’ of Brisbane, on the other hand, is quite colourful while Adelaide boasts of exceptional architecture. It is evident that the best skyline in the country is the glamorous Gold Coast that has its own personality and beauty.

4. Wildlife 

Australia is famous for its kangaroos and koalas, but there are several other animals and birds native to Australia. The unique part of the wildlife found here is that 90% of these animals can be found nowhere worldwide including the strong-beaked emus, crocodiles and bugs that are visible in multiple colours here. To witness Australian animals, one can visit the Ocean Road located in Victoria for finding some cute koalas. On the other hand, Cape Le Grand National Park is perfect for kangaroo watching while the Exmouth is ideal for emus.

5. Sporting Events including AFL

For those fond of football, especially the Australian Football League, Aussies or foreigners can book tickets and visit the games physically or witness Rugby and Australian Rules Football during the winter months. Looking at the best players in baseball or football, one can witness history in the making live. 

Check out the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground or the Sydney Cricket Ground, or just visit a local pub, for a match, to see how people react and express their enthusiasm about it all. If you are keen on summer sports, check out the schedule for surfing, snorkelling, and more. For winter sports, the ski snow is a good place to start with, especially in close proximity to top resorts like Mt. Buller.

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