5 Key Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy

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5 Key Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy

Dressing up stylishly when you’re pregnant may seem a bit challenging at first, especially once you hit the second trimester. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Far from it. Actually, you don’t have to give up your style at all when dressing up your baby bump.

1. Don’t forget about what you like

Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you have to shift to a completely different fashion style from what you like and feel comfortable in. Quite the contrary. Essentially, the most important thing to keep in mind in terms of fashion when you are pregnant is that you need to feel comfy and that there’s absolutely no reason to sacrifice your taste. After all, maternity clothes can be found in many different styles, and some regular clothing tricks can work just fine.

2. Lycra is a go-to material

There’s absolutely no reason for you to hide your baby bump. What’s more, getting clothes that actually follow your body shape is the most flattering look on pregnant ladies. However, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in tight clothing.

5 Key Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy- Lycra is a go-to material

For that reason, choose material carefully. For instance, lycra is definitely one of the most popular materials for maternity clothes as it stretches, but still follows your curves without getting loose in unwanted areas. For future moms who love to wear fitted dresses, this is the perfect choice.

3. Rock jeans impeccably

Wearing denim is an obvious concern once your baby bump starts growing. But, as mentioned earlier, if jeans fit your style, you shouldn’t change it just because you’re pregnant. Now, regular jeans can obviously feel really uncomfortable, which is precisely why there are so many gorgeous maternity jeans choices on the market. These jeans have a hidden stretchy fabric panel that will provide extra support and allow you to feel comfy while rocking denim during the pregnancy. As this panel is stretchy, these jeans are perfect for the post-partum figure as well.

4. Lovely tunics

For those of you who enjoy a bit of a boho vibe, or simply love to rock slightly looser tops, tunics are a great option. Obviously, the most popular tunic styles these days involve the mentioned bohemian-inspired prints and patterns, as well as plenty of color. However, there are also solid ones, and tunics with classier and more elegant designs. You can pair them with good quality leggings for ultimate comfort and a casual look. Of course, you can create many looks with this type of top depending on its style as the baby bump allows you to look absolutely gorgeous and truly fashionable regardless of whether you’re pairing the tunics with jeans, classy pants or stretchy skirts of different lengths.

5. Layering and accessories

Layering is one of the key tips for creating amazing outfits and the rule still applies to dressing up your baby bump. In general, cardigans and blazers can look absolutely amazing when you’re pregnant, especially if you wear a fitted top underneath.

5 Key Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy- Layering and accessories

Of course, don’t hesitate to add your personal touch with interesting jewellery and scarves. When it comes to footwear though, it will all depend on how your feet feel. You shouldn’t wear really high heels, but clog-like sandals with tiny and fuller heel are great. Just make sure that you find them comfortable to walk in. But, like we said before, you can rock whatever footwear you like. In case your feet are swollen, again, don’t ignore your own style. If you have to buy footwear in a bigger size, for this reason, buy something you find fashionable and appealing.

Comfort is definitely a priority when it comes to putting together your maternity outfits, but with so many wonderful and fashionable clothing options available these days, there’s practically no reason to sacrifice your style over comfort during pregnancy.

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