5 Reasons Why Morning Jogs Are Better

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5 Reasons Why Morning Jogs Are Better


Does running in the morning outweigh the benefits of running later in the day? For those early birds who do already, here are 5 reasons why morning runs are better for you.

Now, let us break down the science-backed facts about running in the morning:

1. You’ll be more focused

5 Reasons Why Morning Jogs Are Better - more focused

Studies show that exercise is associated with improved cognitive function. Running, or vigorous aerobic exercise, activates the prefrontal and occipital cortexes, also known as those brainy parts associated with decision making. Which helps you regulate your emotions, and manage the processes to achieve your goals. When you step outside your brain is forced to immediately focus on all the surroundings, dodging obstacles like cyclists or dangerous broken branches that might injure if you were not to notice. This sharp focus doesn’t stop once you’re finished with your run, it continues through the day.

2. You’ll have better sleep patterns

5 Reasons Why Morning Jogs Are Better - better sleep

What would you give to have one good restful night’s sleep? According to Northwestern Medicine  study getting regular morning aerobic exercise can improve sleep quality and help ease insomnia. The key is to go for a run or do an aerobic class in the morning as it gives you a boost of energy. Use the boost of energy through the day and wind it down in the evening when you need to go to sleep. Morning jogs seem to fit with our bodies normal clock. Morning jogs will give you that much needed energy boost for a productive day. By the end of the day that energy wears out and you’ll be ready for your night’s rest.

3. You will be calmer through the day

5 Reasons Why Morning Jogs Are Better - be calmer

According to the American Psychological Association, running can make you less anxious and calm you down. Exercise, promotes production of neurohormones like norepinephrine that are associated with improved cognitive function, elevated mood and learning. Going for a rigorous jog can actually cause immediate stress reduction. Aside from helping you calm down and be less irritable, jogging in the morning can have powerful effects on mental health by enhancing mood and alleviate long-term depression.

4. Getting outdoors benefits your mood

5 Reasons Why Morning Jogs Are Better -better mood

Nature does your body a whole lot of good. Go out for a walk in nature, because exposure to ‘natural greenspace can improve affect and cognition’, according to a Stanford University study   The study showed that people who walked for 90 minutes in a natural area (as opposed to a high-traffic urban setting) showed decreased activity in an area of the brain linked to risk for depression.

So go for a run in the green outdoor because it  can improve mental health by helping to lower levels of psychological distress.

5. You’ll curve your food cravings

5 Reasons Why Morning Jogs Are Better -curve appetite

Running in the morning will also help you make better food choices. English scientists at Loughborough University have found exercising is more effective than food restriction in helping limit daily calorie consumption. They noted that women who ran for 90 minutes in a treadmill later consumed less calories at a buffet, compared to women who were inactive but whose calorie intake was restricted. Essentially, those who worked out ate less and were less hungry than those who didn’t work out.


What are you waiting for, put on your running shoes and go outside for that morning run. Obviously, despite all its benefits, running in the morning is not for everyone.

Running in the morning has many benefits but at the end you must do what is right for you.


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