How do you become a better runner?

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How do you become a better runner?

If you’re striving to become a better runner, then here are eight things you can do to become a better runner.Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a running novice, there are always ways to improve your speed and endurance.

How do you become a better runner?

If you are serious about becoming a better runner then there are eight things you can do to become a better runner.

1. Keep it consistent

If you want to go to the next level, you need to train consistently. A good way to do it is to sign up for a race and this will be a motivator to get you running consistently.

2. Invest in the right gear

The right shoes will prevent injuries and make you feel light in your feet. Shop for the best trainers to fit your exercise. Wearing the wrong shoes can make exercising extremely unpleasant, leading to multiple problems – from the small ones like blisters, to bigger ones, like back pain. The right sports bra and socks along with the right runners will make your running easy and comfortable.

3. Learn to tie your sneakers – no joke

Learn to tie your shoe laces – It’s not a joke -this  shoelace-tying technique will help your laces stay put on your next run. it’ll prevent numbness and blisters all of which affect your running dramatically and might force you out of running temporarily.

Watch the video below by FDFAC – Financial District Foot & Ankle Center there are some useful tips and easy to learn shoe lacing techniques:


4. Wear few layers

Wear fewer layers and dress as if 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it is ideal comfort. Remember as you get running you are going to warm up quickly and heat will slow you down.

5. Watch your diet

Watching what you eat is important. Eating a good meal will result in a more effective workout. The best way to prepare for a workout is to eat a combination of carbs and fiber. The carbs will give you fuel, while the fiber will prevent spikes in blood sugar.

Drinking water is essential to better running. If you don’t drink enough water before your run (as well as during), then chances are you’ll have to stop before you’d like to because of fatigue or a cramp.

Drinking alcohol can mess with your sleep, hydration and recovery. Read more on How to Recover Faster After a Workout

6. Roll it out just

Use a roller three times a week to improve your flexibility.  Foam rolling before a workout is a great way to warm up and engage your muscles, so you ‘re already doing a little bit of exercising when you ‘re warming up with a foam rolling. After your workout  your body can reap real benefits from taking a few minutes to relieve the tension built up in your muscles.  engage your muscles, so you’re already doing a little bit of exercising when you’re warming up with foam rolling

7. Take time to recover

Mix easier exercises between tougher runes so your body can recover. Do some stretching after every run, strength training regularly, and getting enough sleep. Also make sure your meal or snack is a mix of carbs and protein your muscles need the right fuel to build stronger muscles.

8. Sign up for a race

The best way to push yourself to be a better runner is to sign up for a race; keeping track of your results over time is an easy and pride-inducing way to see how much you’ve progressed.


Watch the video by Health Magazine to learn the small tweaks to your routine that reap huge running rewards.

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What strategies do you use to become a better runner?

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