The 5 secret to a long lasting relationship.

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The 5 secret to a long lasting relationship.

Long-term relationships, like cars, need regular maintenance and tune-ups.  These 5 relationship life hacks will fine tune your relationship and increase its longevity.

  1. Show appreciation

Show appreciation, even if you don’t feel like it, it might feel trifling to thank a partner for a small task like filling the car with gas or making dinner. Everyone likes to be appreciated and not feel taken for granted.

  1. Ask for their opinion

Ask for opinions. When a person is in a committed relationship, they value the other person’s opinion on both large and small matters. Maybe you’re used to going full-steam ahead and just telling your partner your decisions after the fact, but that habit’s probably sabotaging your relationship. Just keep in mind that when you ask for an opinion, you will have to take your partner’s suggestions seriously. So ask wisely.

  1. Don’t fight in public

Don’t squabble in public. You and your partner may not agree on every subject, but arguing or disagreeing in public is the best way to lose respect for each other and have your friends avoid you like pests. No exceptions here always save your disagreements for another, more private time.

  1. Have some alone time

Take time for yourself. Don’t you just hate it when two people start dating and suddenly can’t hang out without their partner being present? Just because you’re in a couple, doesn’t mean that you stop being a person. It’s great to have shared hobbies, but you’re going to bring more to a relationship if you take the time to foster friendships and hobbies on your own.

  1. We all have flaws

Don’t be afraid to appear flawed it’s natural; we are after all humans and therefore flawed. Don’t act sensitive about your flaws, quite the contrary; be open to discussing your flaws with your partner. It’s amazing how the smallest things like your partner finishing the milk, or forgetting to lower the toilet seat, can make you go from zero to crazy in nothing flat. As strange as it may seem, the small things are what really turn a great relationship sour. If you are not able to talk them over they will drive you both to the brink of insanity and sadly to breakup.


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